Inter-House Basketball Matches 2009-10

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It's better late than never...always! Due to 'this' and due to 'that', we just could not tell you before how much courage does it take for a sports person to respect his/her opponents and accept defeats gracefully whenever he/she comes face to face with one in life. And we realised all this during the Inter-house Basket ball matches organised by the Sports Department from 14-17 July 2009. Yes, we are referring to the 'never-say-die' attitude which one learns while he/she grows as a sports person.

The matches saw some really intense emotions and depicted that it is always too early to quit! All the participants played really well. The cheering groups from each house were evidently instrumental in helping their players to go on... It was an exotic event besides being energetically expensive. We look forward to more such competitions in the field of Games and Sports. Click here to see the results. And as you know, we will be uploading the photographs soon. So, keep following us !

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IAYM Experience of E-member

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Following is what Nitin wishes to share with us:

I, Nitin Agrawal intend to share my overwhelming experience during summer internship programme. I got an opportunity to be among 72 heads selected from high school to graduate level from various parts of India attending a summer internship programme at Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram organised by Mathematical Sciences Foundation from 1st June to 27th June. Before I shall proceed further, I would like to convey my special gratitude to Mr. Amit Bajaj and Mrs. Rekha Grover for their support, encouragement and motivation.

During the programme, all of us were divided in groups as per the various projects allotted to us. I worked on role of mathematics in Encryption i.e.transmitting data securely and area related to circles.We had lecture sessions with eminent personalities like Dr.Sanjeev agrawal(Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, St.Stephen's College) ,Dr. Amber Habib(Professor, Mathematical Sciences Foundation) , Dr. Lal Mohan Saha (Professor,Mathematical Sciences Foundation) in the field of mathematics and physics. We also gained profound knowledge on various mathematical applications such as Mathematica , Microsoft Excel , Flash , win plot etc. The programme was all about fusion of young minds to develop something new and innovative and therefore, the programme was named Inviting All Young Minds.

Faculty members of mathematical sciences foundation were extraordinarily encouraging and supportive. They focussed on “out of the box”. We did research and accordingly prepared our presentations. We were constantly looked after by Dr. Dinesh Singh, Director, University of Delhi South Campus and his guidance helped a lot. On the last day of the programme we were awarded our certificates and a stipend of Rs. 5000.Although the programme was quite hectic owing to long working hours, I really enjoyed it and gathered considerably good amount of knowledge. I would like to owe my gratitude towards Mathematical sciences foundation and my teachers.The programme is organised every year for high school to college level scholars and I hope that many of the young minds over here would like to satisfy their thirst and be a part of the programme next year.

Check out - or for a day-to-day report of the

Nitin Agrawal


Project Citizen

Hello dear bloggers
( We hope all of you have turned bloggers by now!)

Well, we got another reason for which you can be proud of your school and your schoolmates as well. Want to know what's this buzz is all about? Without much ado, we would like to tell you about this brave and responsible initiative taken up by 16 students of our school under Project Citizen to understand the causes, difficulties, and remedies for the mushroom growth of slums in India.

Under the able guidance of Mrs. Meena Narang and Mrs. Ritu David, these future citizens of India from Class IX carried out extensive research by the means of field trips to slums and hence, interviewing the under-privileged residents of slums. After documenting all the data, they participated in a competition in Ramjas School, where they bagged the 'Most Meritorious Team Award'. They also got Project Citizen T-shirts, certificates and a trophy. Congratulations friends...And you know what's the icing on the cake! They became some of those few lucky students who met the iconic, none other than India's 1st Lady IPS officer Dr. Kiran Bedi. Now that's called a privilege. Oh! we skipped the names of these meritorious students. Here they are - Sahil, Ashvini, Akshay, Ahana, Luv, Ajinkya, Kriti, Richa, Aarti, Akshat, Gargi, Joshika, Mrinal, Madhav, Kartikeya and Sarvesh.Hats off to these sensitive citizens of tommorrow...

You can also mail us if you did something like this... We are waiting...

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Hello there
For when the one great scorer comes
To write against your name,
He writes not that you won or lost
But how you played the game...

And some carry the courage to play the game (literally!) even better than the best... We go on searching stars in various walks of life only to discover that they are twinkling right next to us! Believe us on that note...We have magnificent examples to support this. We are posting to celebrate the glorious achievements of 5 such emerging football stars among us, namely - Munmun, Rakshit, Nitesh, Anuj and Mukesh who are flying high these days and have already boarded the flight for Wales, U.K.

Yes, they did it once again. Representing Simla Youngs Football Academy in the Welsh International Super Cup in U.K., these young footballers are doing every bit to make their parents, our school and hence this country proud. For a week long tournament extending from 26 July 2009 to 31 July 2009, these champions deserve all possible applause, support and encouragement from our end. Three cheers for all of them...

Following is what GOAL ( Simla Youngs' magazine) had to publish about these budding players:
Munmun Th. Lugun ( II time Captain and defender: U-18): " A real star in the making. So good, that played exceedingly well for the Men's team in 2008!" He is going for the 3rd time in a row to Wales.
Rakshit ( Goalkeeper: U-18): "He is improving with every Wales trip, and this year should break into the Men's team."He is going for 3rd time too.
Nitesh Chhikara ( Defender: U-18): "Exceptional heading ability, with fearless defending capabilities." This one's his 2nd trip to Wales.
Anuj Kumar ( Goalkeeper: U-13): "Very hard working and excellent in game situation. Very good in 1 v/s 1. Technically very correct and concentration level is good." He is been selected for the 1st time to play in Wales.
Mukesh Kumar ( Striker: U-13): "Very aggressive and hard working lad, got the best player award in the 'Young Star Challenge Cup' in May-2009." He's too selected for the 1st time.

We are just overwhelmed with all this. Congratulations... We are extremely proud of you... Good luck friends... Play well...
Click here to see the photos.

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No more a secret now!

Hello everyone
Well...we have finally decided to unveil the secret...
Yes, we intend to tell you what's keeping some E-members busy these days...Any guesses! Alright, it is the NTSE classes which some of the E-members have volunteered to take. Yes, we are serious... some of us have got the opportunity to share knowledge with their juniors (remember, we told you that E-club is all about sharing and hence gathering knowledge!). On a factual note, E-members have taken up the MAT (Mental Ability Test) section to start with. They are sincerely working with the students of Class VIII during zero periods under the privileged guidance of our teachers. You can find them holding a 'chalk' and religiously scribbling on the 'Black-Board' ! With lots of applause...

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A Giant Leap For Mankind

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Forty years ago to the day, mankind made a giant leap. At around 8.17 pm GMT on 20th July 1969, Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. A proud moment - not just for NASA or the US - but for humanity as a whole. Many missions followed, yet, we know precious little about the moon till date. India's own Chandrayaan mission is an attempt to fill the blanks.

NASA has put together a special microsite to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing. Use Google Moon to explore the areas where the Apollo missions landed. Listen to interesting bits of conversation between the astronauts and mission control - or a real-time playback of all communications. Round it off by watching footage from the Apollo 11 mission restored to a higher quality. (Guess what? A company owned by Anil Ambani's Adlabs was the one which restored footage for this 40th anniversary celebration!)
The Apollo 11 moon landings inspired a whole generation. For that one fleeting moment, it united all we earthlings with joy and a sense of achievement-despite all the differences that we maintain. It inspired a generation to opt careers in science. It galvanised research and development-especially in electronics and computing. Think where we all would be without computers! And yet, the pioneering astronauts and mission control-men had precious little than calculators to play with. Despite this, they achieved something which was thought to be impossible earlier.

Some people ask why do 'poor' countries like India spend money on space exploration when there are problems to solve on earth itself? The pragmatic answer is that it encourages research into multifarious fields. Research which not only has applications in space exploration but also enriches our daily lives; be it medicine, materials engineering, electronics, mechanics, management paradigms etc. Many youngsters get inspired to opt careers in science - and that too not just 'core space exploration fields. Read what Barack Obama had to say about this.

Apart from these pragmatic reasons, we do this because we can. Humans have the gift of curiosity, the gift of trying to understand the environment around. This childlike-wonder for the world around us has made us what we are today. It is the primary reason why early men invented fire, designed tools, and we have a civil society today. Join in the celebrations on this historic occasion.




The Solar Eclipse Of 22 July, 2009

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Do you know what's the latest buzz this season? Well, its neither about cricket nor about the Board Exams; and not even about Mrs. Clinton's tour to India. Okay... let us update you... it is about The Longest Total Solar Eclipse of the 21st century. It will take place on Wednesday, July 22, 2009 with a total eclipse of the Sun with a magnitude of 1.080.This eclipse is a 6-minute plus eclipse (we told you that it's the longest of this century !).

A total eclipse occurs when the sun is completely hidden by the moon. The intensely bright disc of the sun is replaced by the dark silhouette of the Moon, and the much fainter ring called the corona is visible. This solar eclipse will not be surpassed in duration until June 13, 2132.

It is safe to observe the total phase of a solar eclipse directly with the unaided eye, binoculars or a telescope, when the sun is completely covered by the Moon. In fact this cannot be viewed through the filters due to very dim light. However, viewing the sun after totality can be highly dangerous as the sun emits highly hazardous rays (So, don't watch with naked eyes!).

Click here or here (to know when, where etc.) or here (this one's NASA's homepage for July 22, 2009 total solar eclipse) to upgrade your Astro-knowledge ! You can follow the live broadcast of the total solar eclipse on 22nd July, 2009 here. We hope that you will share with us your experiences of witnessing the longest eclipse of the century...

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The Curious Case Of Class X Boards !

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HRD Minister Kapil Sibal seems successful in getting the eyebrows of the sane and the sensible people after as sensitive a issue as making Class X Board Exams 'optional'. And we are at it again...inviting your opinions, comments and suggestions on this very curious case that virtually defines each of our lives. Let's start a word-riot in the comments section, exercising our right of Freedom to Speech in free India and form public opinions.

With a motive of igniting and initiating, we blog down some of the pros and cons of 'abolishing' or making Class X Board Exams 'optional' :

Class X Boards should be abolished because -
1. The surmounting tension is intolerable (Parents are often more stressed out than the children and heap their worries and expectations on their children).

2. Presently, only re-tallying of marks is possible. In cases of students having good track records in school, a grievance redressing system (or simply re-checking) is nowhere to be seen.

3. When marks differ in decimals and when one feel cheated for not getting what one wanted despite achieving great results is unfair on his/her part.

4. Assessing a child on the basis of various scales (of the likes of sports/games, music, art, drama etc.) throughout the year will bear better results (after all, not every child born is necessarily a great academician, he/ she ought to be more than just that- beyond the limits of textbooks).

Class X Boards should not be abolished because -
1. It's a sweet nothing, it will simply postpone the fate (Having to sit for Boards in XII for the first time in a grand mix of career dilemma will only fuel to the rising tension!).

2. Without a standard exam, one doesn't know where he/she stands in this ever-increasing and ever-aspiring population that the mainland of India holds.

3. Appearing for these exams are not traumatic, it's coping with the dearth of opportunities, the fear of 'after-life' post poor results and the scarcity of seats that's traumatic.

4. Replacing percentages with percentiles (marks with grades) will not help a child secure a seat in a certain stream. We need more seats than the percentile system.

Our primary goal is to spread the word and to discuss to achieve constructive results. So, we urge you to bounce some ideas around and hence write as relevantly as you can to support the cause.
Curiously looking forward to a healthy debate here...

(with valuable inputs of new E-members)
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An evening with Dr. J. R. Parashar

Dear all

The school received a guest on July 8th 2009, a guest who renamed the school's hostel to make it 'Residence' and declared all the hostlers as the school's 'residents'. He was none other than Dr. J. R. Parashar, a well known educationist and psychologist. He had been a teacher in Kendriya Vidyalaya and the Principal of APJ Public School, and hence carried vast experiences of life and its intricacies. He laid stress on the importance of English in this global era, where English serves as a universal language. He also shared his views on how to maintain the hygiene of the 'Residence' of the school. He was relevant enough to talk about ragging, calling it a 'Black Cobra' and suggested some remedial actions for the same. Overall, he redefined some of the previous notions of ours and helped discover a new spirit to live on...

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Summer Sports Coaching 2009

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This post of ours is dedicated to the dedication of our school's Sports Department. Before you go wild with your thoughts, we would like to tell you a little about the Summer Sports Coaching which included sports like Football, Lawn tennis, Table tennis and Cricket during the summer vacations. Also, the Football Academy hosted a wonderful Football Tournament for different categories in the final days of camp, in which, nearly 500 students (that's a large number!) participated. The Closing Ceremony was graced by eminent ex-footballers like Mr. O.P. Malhotra and Mr. Rohit Parashar. Trophies and medals were also awarded to the talented slot.
Or, we put it this way, everybody sweat for sweet during these holidays! Hats off to all...
To download the photographs, click here.

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Sehwag played the perfect guest this summer!

Huh... it's really incredible for us to report about an event as unbelievable as if witnessing a live Rahman concert. We are here referring to Virender Sehwag's visit to our school on 7th of July. Yes, you don't need to re-read the name ... we are talking about the former Indian captain who bids to be the Genext's next big thing.

The CRPF School Family invited him to inaugurate the 2 newly constructed Cricket pitches in the school premises. And guess what?He humbly obliged! He came to inspire the budding cricketers and to congratulate the Cricket Academy feeling proud about its newest assets. He was cordial enough to flash scintillating smiles to all.

It was magnificent to have a cricket star right at our doorstep. We are totally grateful towards this magnanimous gesture of Viru (as he's lovingly called).
Click here to download the photographs.

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Relish Your Camp Memories With Us !

Hello everyone

We hope that you enjoyed this year's Summer Camp too and that it turned out to be really refreshing for all of you. Anyways, what we are really curious about are your feelings about the camp and want you to provide us with your valuable feedback. We want you to share your memories and experiences with us. So, write to us about anything and everything about your days in the camp and mail it to our e-mail ID i.e. .
Desperately looking forward to your response.

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