Dear all
Don't be dismayed at goodbyes, a farewell is necessary before you can meet again and meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends… The word 'Farewell' has a sad note to it. Yet we commemorate this day to recollect all bygone delightful memories.
Mrs. Navneet Maun, English teacher, CRPF Public School, Rohini was bid farewell by students and staff on 31 August 2015 who dedicated almost twenty six years of her relentless service to the school.
In a special assembly, the school Principal Mrs. Uma Mudgal, staff and prefectorial board presented her a memento and a bouquet. She blessed the students and asked them to always aim to realize their dreams and never give up.
Her amiable personality, friendly disposition and caring nature won many a hearts. Her lively and vibrant way of teaching made classroom learning easy and very interesting. She will always remain an asset not only to the English department but to the entire institution. She has created a void and will therefore be missed by one and all. We wish her all the best for her future and hope she achieves her goals.
Thanks for being there with us when we needed you. Thanks for all the love and care. Thanks for everything. We care for you in our own strange way, may be you'll never know, maybe we'll never show ! But there's more that we wish to say ! We want to wish you luck and loads of happiness in the life ahead. Good luck, dearest ma'am ... We will cherish the memories of our togetherness ... Adieu ...
P.S. We will always Love You, Dearest Ma’am...
With Regards
Students & Staff of CRPF Public School, Rohini

Student Achievers in Sanskrit Zonal Competitions

Dear Reader,
CRPF Public School, Rohini students have been trained to excel in all sphere of life be it academics or co-scholastics. Recently students participated in zonal school competitions. Here are the results in various categories:

1) Saumya Grover of class VIII A got II prize in zonal Sanskrit Recitation. (Junior Girls).
2) Anaswara Nambiar of class XII got II prize in zonal Sanskrit Recitation. (Senior Girls).
Anaswara also got II prize in Sanskrit Academy Solo Singing Competition zonal level.  (She got cash prize of 1000/-Rs).

3) Rajat IX-E,  Shubham X-A, Manas IX-E, Kshemendra X-A, Omkar IX-E, Himanshu   VIII-D (Group) got III prize in Sanskrit Academy Shlokochcharan zonal level.(They get cash prize of 1800/-Rs),

4) Pranava Hegde got I prize in Sanskrit Academy Speech Competition zonal level.   (He got cash prize of 1200/-Rs).
* Pranava & Anaswara got opportunity to participate in State Level also.
Congratulations to all the prize winners!

CRPF Public School, Rohini


·        Computer exam will be held on 19-09-2015 in place of 28-09-2015.

·         28-09-2015 will be holiday for Class V.

Exhibition 2015

Development of the wholesome personality of a child is only possible if the child gets a platform to exhibit his/her talent. This platform was provided to all the children of classes III, IV and V, on 15th August, 2015, through which they showcased their talent of integrating their scholastic aptitude with their creative skills.  Tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was the highlight of the primary department exhibition. Social Science exhibition was a step forward to know more about the historical places and neighbouring countries and their culture.  Science exhibition by these children touched  the thought of saving environment, saving trees, conserving resources and broadened their knowledge of plants through herbarium projects well  integrated with art activities of creating best out of waste.
Linguistic activities and book reviews were well displayed by these children.  
14 students of class III participated in a talk show presented on this occasion, an effort to enlighten the audience with the real meaning of freedom, in its true sense. It was appreciated by our guest of honour and by the other dignitaries too. This presentation of creativity and fun was a grand success under the exemplary guidance of our Principal Ma'am ,Mrs Uma Mudgal and our Coordinator Ma'am, Mrs Vandana Sehgal. A heartfelt thanks to all the parents and our dear students for their worthwhile contributions.

Information regarding various Mathematics Olympiads

Papers and Solution Key of previous Intra School Mathematics Olympiad

Primary Department
Science Talk Show

Interclass competition was held in the school on 10/8/15. Students from all the sections of class IV and V took part in the competition .The talk show was organized to create awareness about  the various fields of science. Students spoke for 1 min on the topics assigned to them.

Topics for class IV                  Clothes and Fibres
Topics for class V                   Common Trees of Delhi
                                                 Rocks and Monuments
The students participated using props. They were very enthusiastic & took part actively.
The results of the show are :
          Class IV                                               Class V
I                       Vedika                                               Siddharth Shankar
II                      Paridhi                                               Aaditya
III                    Vrinda, Mili                                        Zoya
Consolation      Japjot                                                 Anvi Khatri    

Primary Department

Dear Reader,

Divyansh Garg of class V (2014-15) was selected for the second round of IMO and NSO. He received certificates, prizes and brought laurels to the school.His result of both the Olympiads are as follows:

IMO :International Rank   205                    Zonal Rank     22

NSO :International Rank   1979                  Zonal Rank     115