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The day has finally come when CBSE has released the result of class X and XII. And we intend to help you in every possible way. Hence, we provide you with the post result help lines.

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CRPF Public School


Dear Children,

I know how eagerly each one of you is waiting for the first day of the summer vacation to dawn so that you may be able to get over the monotony that has probably set in your life owing to uninterrupted hours of slogging for academic enhancement.

There is no doubt that this summer vacation is like an elixir for a student who keeps waiting for the commencement of summer vacation during which he/she can chill himself or herself to the utmost extent of satiation. One thing which however has not to be side tracked is the focus on your goal i.e. to listen to the most thrilling rhythm of your heart which wants you to do something which is your forte or USP (Unique Selling Point) and which if you can truly answer, the world is yours and you can be its de facto (actual) ruler.

We have quite often heard about brain-drain i.e. flow of talent from a developing country to a developed country but what we have not heard quite often is internal brain-drain which refers to flow of talent from an area of specialty to an area of mediocrity just because of peer pressure or parental force or sometimes even social pressures being exerted on you. Don’t forget one thing that in order to answer the call of internal rhythm you have to cross many hurdles and over come many barriers. There are umpteen number of examples which history is replete with where in order to reach their goal people have had to exhibit a great degree of grit and guts and a never say die spirit. To become 24 carrot gold, it has to pass through extreme heat but then it becomes so valuable that even if it is lying on a heap of garbage it has the same unfailing glint and unmistakable glow.

Education is not all about gorging facts and disgorging them on paper without even an iota of change in its presentation. It is formation not information which you need to emphasize on. Formation of mind i.e. cognitive ability not ability of retention of information that is an essential ingredient of success in the long run of life. It is not the marks which guarantee your success but your skill to handle a situation which calls for a great degree of common sense, alacrity of mind and clarity of vision. Enjoy every moment of your life and relish the delectable flavour of the journey and not its destination because success lies not in the end of the journey rather in the journey itself. Hope you will be back in school in the first week of July as rejuvenated and recharged human beings.

Holidays Homework this time round, has been planned with lot of care and caution so that it may not turn out to be monotonous and boring. Lot of thought process has taken place to make it very innovative and creative. Click the following links to download the homework and have happy learning!

H.R. Sharma
CRPF School Rohini

Prize Distribution (Primary Department)

Dear All

On 8th of May, Primary department organized a special assembly to mark the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha- founder of one of the greatest religions-Buddhism. Buddha Jayanti was celebrated with great enthusiasm and zest by children. Children shared information about the life and teachings of Gautam Buddha and enlighted the audience about the works.

Sridhar Joshi of class IV presented a character dramatization on S. Ramanujan – a great mathematician to commemorate his 125th birth anniversary. This year has been declared ‘National Mathematical Year’ by our honorable Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, to mark the achievements of S. Ramanujan in the field of Mathematics.

In the morning assembly Principal Sir facilitated the winners of Maths, Science and English Olympiads for their achievements.

IMO- Certificate of Merit and Medal
1) Khushi Tiwari                     03
2) Shivansh                             04

NSO- Certificate of Merit and Medal
1) Shridhar Joshi                     03
2) Rewa                                    04

Certificate of Merit and Medal of English Language
1) Shridhar Joshi                     03               1st
2) Khushi Aggarwal                03               2nd
3) Neelima                                03               3rd

1) Reva Singh                            04               1st
2) Haramrit Singh                   04               2nd
3) Jhankrit                               04               3rd

Muskan Puri of class V was presented a trophy and a certificate of merit for winning the Champion position in Delhi State Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition.

CRPF Public School

2012 - National Mathematics Year

Celebrations at CRPF Public School, Rohini
Dear All,
 Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh paid tribute to Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan (1887- 1920), on the occasion of 125th birth anniversary. He announced that his birthday - Dec. 22 - would henceforth be a National Mathematics Day and 2012 would be the National Mathematical Year. We at CRPF Public School will be celebrating this special year as Mathematics Year in collaboration with .
We intend to hold following events in the School (as a part of inter-house events or otherwise):
                One of the most exciting events conducted by Ganit Gurooz is the Mental Math Competition for students. This powerpoint based, timed mental math test requires students to compute numeric expressions and simplify algebraic expressions and equations mentally. MMC is the best test of speed and accuracy for students’ mental math abilities. Each test has 90 questions that have to be attempted in 60 minutes. Every student will get a certificate of participation. The First Round will be held tentatively in the month of September 2012. The examination fee is Rs. 100 per student. Students who will be selected for the inter-school round (to be held in November 2012) are not required to pay additionally.
                Students love to wear T-shirts with slogans. Ganit Gurooz will provide a chance to up to 25 students to make their T-shirt design a reality. The material on the T-shirt design can be a problem, graffiti, a message, a quotation, an expression of feeling, a math concept or a mathematician. Ideally, this will be a summer project to be done during summer vacations. Top 10 designs will be selected (in July 2012) and will be submitted to Ganit Gurooz for the inter-school event. If a student’s design is chosen by panel of experts, it will be launch as a T-shirt with the Name of the student printed on it. Guidelines for this event will be intimated soon.
                A Poster is a communication tool that depicts information visually. As students develop a poster on any topic, they learn various things about that topic. This will be a summer project to be done during summer vacations. This activity will appeal to students who are “Right-brained” or “Creative”. These students usually shy away from mathematics as they find it very procedural. Here is a chance for us to get them involved in loving mathematics. The size of the Poster will be a half pastel sheet. Best Poster from each class will be selected and the students will get prize and a certificate. Guidelines for this event will be intimated soon.             
A maximum of 10 posters per school across all classes can be submitted for the interschool poster competition. All submissions will be displayed at a public exhibition for           couple of days. During this time, online polling of votes will also be conducted. All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation and a mention on Ganit Gurooz website. Prizes will be given to the top 3 entries. Participation fee will be informed soon.
                Math education is highly influenced by parents as most of them pay special attention to their child’s performance in mathematics. However, there are several parents who do not know how they can contribute to a better math education of their child. Ganit Gurooz plans to educate parents on the aspects that are of concern to them.
“Helping your child with Math” is a series of interactive lectures delivered by experts. Separate sessions will be conducted for parents of primary, middle and senior school students.
Some of the topics which will be covered during these lectures are:
1. Math Phobia: What can parents do?        2. Why does your child not get a 100? 
3. Engaging children in math activities at home    4. Handling the Math Stress
Participation Fee and the date will be informed soon.
                The main objectives of the Olympiad is to arouse students’ interest and enthusiasm for mathematical problem solving, develop mathematical intuition, reasoning and logical thinking,  as well as creative and critical thinking.
                The Olympiad will held in the month of November 2012. Other detail with Sample Papers and Last Year Paper’s is available at School’s Blog .
                This Olympiad is meant only for those students who have scored A Grade in Mathematics in their previous class.
                 A School Math Project is a serious task carried out by a team with members across different classes. It could involve either investigation of a mathematical concept, or building something that represent mathematics. It is a serious attempt at bringing math to life or diving deeper into the subject.
Ganit Gurooz will provide a list of school projects. Schools will then select one project and build a team of students as per the guidelines provided. The team will be guided by 2 teachers from the school and a member of the Ganit Gurooz Editorial Board to complete the project. The projects will be screened by a panel of mathematicians to select the top 15 projects.Each team will then be invited to present its project to a panel of math teachers and mathematicians for a final evaluation. The awards to the top 3 school projects will be announced in the Ganit Gurooz National Conference on Quality of Math Education on December 22nd, 2012.

It is hoped that by offering such competitions and contests, we can challenge and inspire students to learn and enjoy Mathematics. Your help and support will not only make your child more successful in Mathematics but will instill good study habits that will last a lifetime.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns during the year. Do visit for further details.
Amit Bajaj
HOD (Mathematics)

Book Week- Pre-Primary Department

 Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.
                                                                                   - Richard Steele

Children of Class II celebrated ‘Book Week’ from 16.4.12 to 1.5.12. They read story books, made beautiful book marks and made their own story books. Writing their own stories, illustrating them and making cover page for their story books was a unique and an exciting experience for them. On 1.5.12   they had Character portrayal competition’ where in children came dressed up as their favourite character of the story they had read and spoke dialogues. The little ones gave applaudable performance.

Children who were adjudged best performers of Character portrayal competition’

Karman Singh- II A
Srishti Bisht- IIA
Ninad Singh- II B
Devesh Sharma II B
Ribhvan Kathuria II B
Nidhi Goswami II B
Aayushi Kapoor II B
Anvi Khatri  II B
Ananya Bansal II C
Vanshika Verma II C
Shubham II C

CRPF Public School