"POSITIVE ATTITUDE" (Assembly of Class IX B) 15/10/2018

A special assembly was organised by class IX B, on the theme "Positive Attitude".
The theme inspire us to be positive in every situation and never loose courage in life. The problems in life should not discourage us, instead they should make us tougher and we must Learn to take disappointment in our stride.
We must believe in ourselves and must have the courage to continue the journey of life.
The efforts were applauded and appreciated by Principal ma'am Mrs Nidhi Chaudhary and others present there.

"SIP and BITE" (Inter house meal planning competition)

An Inter house meal planning competition "SIP and BITE" was conducted for the students of Class IX & X. Students participated in it enthusiastically. Judges Mrs Uma Mudgal and Mrs.Veena Verma relished the mouth watering dishes prepared by students.
 Children were judged on the basis of selection of the dish, Nutritive value, overall presentation, creativity and maintenance of cleanliness. Shakti house begged first position followed by Shaurya and Shradha house respectively. Judges were very delighted by the creativity and presentation of the students.

‘Plants -our green friends’ (PRE-PRIMARY)

The Project ‘Plants -our green friends’ was undertaken by the students of classes I and II under the British Council International School Award. Various activities were taken up to find the green cover of their school; to gather information about medicinal plants and to sensitize the students towards the need of conserving trees. Students also found about the different plants found in Japan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
Students collected information about the Green Cover of the school through Nature Walk accompanied by their teachers and the school gardener, Mr.Tula Ram. They enjoyed walking through the gardens, seeing variety of plants, touching the leaves to feel the texture, smelling their fragrances and tasting some of them.
Interview with the school gardener enabled them to know about various medicinal and ornamental plants in the school premises. They gained knowledge on how to take care of plants and shared amongst themselves and with their parents. Students were provided worksheets for enriching and evaluating the knowledge gained by them.
The young learners interviewed their grandparents about medicinal plants and their usefulness in home remedies. Grandparents filled up the pro forma given to them and felt glad while sharing their experiences with their grandchildren.
Students prepared class magazines in which they showcased their creativity and their exploration of the world of medicinal plants in India, Japan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
To sensitize the students towards saving their green friends, brainstorming sessions were held. They collected information about World Environment Day Celebrations through local newspapers and international e-newspapers and prepared collage on tree conservation. They were also shown a documentary film on Chipko Movement to help them know about how the revolution to save trees started in India.
To make children aware of the uses of fallen and dead leaves, art and craft activities were taken up in which they made beautiful paintings with leaf impressions and created a wonderful leaf zoo. An exhibition was put up showcasing the work of children.
To inculcate the values of responsibility and caring for plants, the students were motivated by the school Principal, Mrs. Nidhi Chaudhary and their teachers to plant a sapling and adopt it , thereby creating
an emotional bond with them through celebration of
Van Mahotsava.
Feedback pro forma were provided to the students ,
parents, visitors and teachers to gain an insight about the
adaptation and assimilation of the concept given through this
project and to invite their suggestions .


On 8/10/18 and 9/10/18 Science Talk Shows were organized in Primary Department to sensitize the children to protect the environment. In class III the students discussed the importance of water, its uses and the various ways to save water.
In class IV , The hazards of using plastics were explained and how they are harming our planet. They also discussed about the alternatives to be used in order to minimize the use of plastics.
In class V , Young Scientist competition was held where students performed various experiments based on scientific principle and gave explanation.
Large number of students participated in all the 3 competitions from various classes. It was a great learning experience for them.