Dear All

12 April 2010 saw in its wake an eventful day in the history of CRPF Public School, Rohini as the school bade farewell to its founder Principal, Shri Suraj Prakash who dedicated 22 years of his relentless service to the school.

He addressed the school assembly in the morning. The school band which was also initiated by him, saluted him. He advised the children to work hard and march on in life, not to look back, not to wait for anyone as one always has to be alone, “ Ekla Chalo, Ekla Chalo Re… “. He blessed all and asked the students to live up to the motto, “Yoga Karamsu Kaushlam “.

In the afternoon, after school, the teachers bade farewell to him who had come along with his wife Mrs. Romilla. It was a sentimental and a nostalgic moment where the founder teachers and Principal shared a few old and happy memories... the days of yore when the classes were held in barracks. One of the PTA members called him “The Guiding Force” who enabled the school to reach such heights and carve a niche for itself amongst the reputed schools of Delhi. His perseverance, hard work and belief has been ingrained in the very essence of the school and can be seen clearly. Very modestly and humbly, he gave the credit of the success of the school to its management, teachers and students.

He was presented with a shawl, a gift and an “Abhinandan Patra”. One of the teachers dedicated a self composed poem to him highlighting the glories of the sun befitting his name, “Suraj”. This was followed by lunch. And finally, he was escorted to his home.

Our beloved Sir achieved success, gained respect of all and accomplished a lot. He had looked the best in others and given the best he had. He has been an inspiration to all and his memories will be a benediction.

With Regards
CRPF School


Dear all

We really don't have a lot to say on such an occasion. Among the many emotions that we all carry in our hearts, we choose to share about how fortunate we have been to be blessed with such a leader, a father, a mentor, a guru, a person to whom we owe a lot. The baghban of CRPF School Family, our Principal sir has decided to move on in life leaving footprints behind. He's all set to start an amazingly new chapter in his life, full of refreshing possibilities.

The morning of 12 April was altogether different for everyone. The students and staff finally bade farewell to our loving Sir knowing that the sun will not rise in the usual way from now on. But seasons change, and eventually, we learn to smile at the new breeze!!!

The school's band welcomed our ever-so-graceful Sir while He arrived to address 'His' students with a dazzling smile. Like always, He was at his best and the thought of bidding goodbye to Him appeared all the more impossible than ever. The school's new Principal Mrs. Minu Tiwari held the podium and extended a heartfelt welcome to the founder Principal for that day and for all the days to come! Further, students spoke their hearts out while everybody forced their tears not to show up. In the form of words and poems, everybody was intent to let Him know that He will be missed. Always. Along with their respective class teachers, students of Class XII were ready with small but sweet tokens of love and admiration for Sir. The representatives of the PTA also thanked Sir for being a great philosopher and guide. On a formal note, the school's Head Girl dedicated some words to Sir on behalf of all the students. Then the school's Vice-Principal Mrs. Anjali Malik shared her heartfelt appreciation for Sir's professional guidance and expertise and wished Him Good luck for the roads ahead.

And the most precious of all the moments were yet to come! The most precious of all the words were yet to be spoken! Waiting desperately than always, it was time to listen to our Sir... He did not just speak, He inspired us all. He never failed to radiate perpetual positivity and the ever-lasting enthusiasm throughout. Punctuated with several anecdotes, His words were all one could ask for. Emphasizing on the 'Power Of Simplicity','Getting Great by feeling Gratitude','Giving and Forgiving','Innovating Oneself','Giving first and then Getting back', Sir really overwhelmed us with His charisma. In His words- The Best Practice Is To Practice! It's really hard to put 'His' words in 'our' words. In honest words, whoever missed it, missed it forever!

Of all the things we could ever say to the World's Greatest 'Badey Sir', Goodbye is our least favourite! And hence, we could just muster enough courage to wish Him a Very Happy Life ahead...

Things were never easy. It was SIR, whose belief made them so. THANKS SIR for that and lots more... 

The following video-cum-snapshots is dedicated to our beloved sir ... as a token of gratitude ...

Check out the photographs of the special assembly here.

P.S. We Will ALWAYS Love You, Dearest Sir...

CRPF Public School