Important tips about CBSE Exams

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Mr. H. R. Sharma, Principal of CRPF Public School, Rohini was invited by Doordarshan to “Good Evening India” talk show to discuss and give a few tips to the class XII students.

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PART - 3

He emphasized on making the students confident, stress-free and healthy. Parents should not panic or stress their child. They need to encourage and motivate their child during this period. A word of encouragement and positive attitude can boost the morale of the child. “Be careful of your words”, he advised the parents.
Students too need to maintain their poise, light spirit and cool. Utilize every minute to its fullest is the mantra. The 15 minutes “cool-off time” given before the exam is most crucial. Students need to plan what and how to write, attempt the answers they know first and then move ahead.
Time management is another area which needs to be dealt with carefully. Students should make their time-table and accordingly prepare themselves. For this another essential criteria is that there should be proper gap, of at least 15 days to a month between Pre-Boards and Boards so that the child can re-energize, rejuvenate and revamp himself/herself. During this period the child should set his body clock, adjust his timings and religiously and regularly do his/her studies.
Lastly he added that besides content, vocabulary and expression, students need to be thorough and take special care of presentation. Handwriting and simple correct sentence structure can really help in scoring good marks.

CRPF Public School, Rohini


Dear All,

As Class V students are set to leave primary department and ready to join middle school, special assembly was organized on Feb 28, 2013 where they had glimpse of the journey they had, recalled their time they spent fruitfully that in turn had helped in the development of their personality.
Ilika and Pratik Ganguly (V-B) talked about activities and competitions they participated in, their wins and failures, moments they cherished, values they imbibed.
Agrima (V-C) on behalf of her classmates expressed her heartfelt gratitude to her teachers who had contributed in sparking creativity, laying strong foundation and shaping their personality.
Kathak performance by Saumya and Khushboo (V-A) and Bhartnatyam by Archita (V-B) spell bound everyone. That was their own unique way to thank their teachers for their unconditional support and guidance to strike their goal.
Vibrant Orchestra performance by Class V students marked end of the session.
Mrs. Vandana Sehgal, in-charge, Primary Department gave her blessings to the students and wished them all the very best for their coming future.    

Pre-Primary Department- Activities

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As the spring commenced the colours of our kids talent spring up on 15th February, 2013 when pre- primary department “ Basant Panchami” . It was a cheerful and lively morning with a shower of creativity. Children of class II presented “ kiva sammaolana” on  Basant Ritu a splendid show of self composed poems.

After seeking Goddess Saraswati’s  bvlessings children splashed colours on their sheets and enjoyed the frolicsome “Art & Craft Mela” organized for classes I  & II.
The icing on the cake was an exhibition of various activities taken up by class II like those of “Pictograph Reading”, “Vocabulry Basket” and “3Dmodel making”. It was a bright day of multicolored skills and kaleidoscope performances.
Also, Pre-Primary students had Character Portrayal activity for classes I & II. They were asked imitate and echo our social helpers in the best way possible. Through their colourful costumes, realistic dialogues and well placed props, they made this activity an enjoyable learning experience.
Characters of Social Helpers like media reporters, teachers, doctors, and drivers were ardently presented by the children. The enthusiastic overwhelmed and edifying response was highly encouraging for us.