Dear all

Don't be dismayed at goodbyes, a farewell is necessary before you can meet again and meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends… The word 'Farewell' has a sad note to it. Yet we commemorate this day to recollect all bygone delightful memories.

It was a day to remember, time to feel sad along, with a time to feel hopeful and thankful. This was the way the feelings of the day was expressed on Saturday, February 13, 2010 at the sight of the colossal building of C.R.P.F PUBLIC SCHOOL where our school Bid Farewell to class XII Students .

There were people who were sad as they would never be able to walk down those corridors again but to many it was a day to reminisce about the years spent there.

At about 11:30 a.m. students of class 12th started coming beautifully dressed ready to revel the last day of their school lives.The anchors welcomed the guests by reciting some pleasing poems.This was followed by group of boys singing songs like ‘Give me Some Sunshine’ and ‘Junoon’. Titles were given to each and every student of class 12th depending on their nature. After the titles of 12th-A, the girls performed a stunning dance on the song ‘Hasta Lavista’ and filled all with energy and enthusiasm.

Again, after the titles of 12th-B, it was the turn to give away the Title of Mr. and Miss CRPF. A competition was conducted in which selected students were called upon. Gunjan Jain- the Head Girl of the school bagged the title of Miss CRPF and Rajeev Dwivedi that of Mr. CRPF. Shitij Dhodhi- the Head Boy became “The Gentleman of the Evening” while Kasturi Paladhi became “The Lady of the Evening”. After the titles of 12th- C, a group of boys enthralled all with their splendid dance performance. Finally, students of 12th-D were given the titles.

Everyone enjoyed the event. Principal Sir gave valuable advice and blessed the students. The Head Boy and The Head Girl addressed the gathering and thanked the school for all its contribution to their lives.

Everyone enjoyed the lunch, chatted amongst themselves and clicked pictures. After lunch, it was time to hit the dance floor. The students danced to their heart's content. This way, 13th Feb’10, became a memorable event in many a lives.

Click here to view the photographs of the event!

CRPF Public School

Bidding Farewell - Hostel

Dear All

There are some days which are just difficult to forget and 6th Feb’10 was one of such days. Our school hostel celebrated the hostel farewell that Saturday! It was a beautiful evening, saying a Goodbye to all the twelthies in the hostel. Almost all the students in the hostel contributed to the occasion.

Initially all the students in classes 10th and 12th were blessed for their approaching board exams. Subsequently, Principal Sir lighted the lamp and inaugurated the programme. It was followed by ‘Shlok Recital’, welcoming the guests of the evening. Thereafter, a choir group performed a group song “ O saathi re”, the lines of the songs revealed their true inside that was scared to live without their companions. This was followed by a wonderful orchestra which made the surroundings all the more musical. Then Swati from the girls’ hostel sang a beautiful solo song “Kabhi alvida na kehna”. Now, the titles! All the tenthies and twelthies in the hostel were gifted and assigned with separate titles...After that, Somender; the head boy of the boys’ hostel addressed the people. And then group of young boys performed an amusing dance on the song “All is well”. After the dance the Vice Principal of the school addressed the people delightfully with her words of wisdom. Immediately after she was over with the speech, the girls banged the dance floor! They danced beautifully and boomed the audience with lots of enthusiasm. Rachita; the head girl of the girls’ hostel inspired the audience with her eloquent speech. And then, Jaagte Raho! A remarkable play; was the most cherished part of the evening. It was complete entertainment with a rousing morality. To give a finishing touch to the event, the senior boys came up to rock the stage with their dynamic dance number.

And at last but not the least, being pleased about his last days in the school, Principal Sir addressed the crowd with his golden words full of love and prudence. Summing it all up, the return makes one love the farewell.


CRPF Public School

ALUMNI MEET 2010 !!!

Dear all,

The famed quadrangle of CRPF school with the tree of knowledge which is witness to many students and generations was the venue of school's much awaited ALUMNI MEET 2010 on 31 January .
Alumni meet photographs are uploaded here. (Photography by Satwik Mudgal)

More than 200 alumni participated in the event and, shared their experiences especially the seniors who passed the school at its infancy !!! The meet commenced with the School's Head Boy and Head Girl extending their heartiest wishes to the Alumni for their mass participation. It was followed by the lighting of lamp by Principal sir and other teachers and alumni. Then Principal Sir Sh. Suraj Prakash gave the welcome address and explained the very purpose of alumni association !! Want to know what's next ? Well, the stage was handed over to the alumni to come and entertain !!!

It is said "Music speaks what cannot be expressed ,soothes the mind and gives it rest , heals the heart and makes its whole , flows from heaven to soul ". The theme was carried forward by the band of Anuvrat Mukhi (batch-2008), Dhiman Dutta(batch-2006) and Narender Chetri (batch-2009) who performed on the tunes like "Give me some Sunshine...". Then was Kunal khanna (batch-2005) who mesmerised the audience by his enchanted performance on the song "Yaroon Dosti" , one the very purpose of the meet !!!

But the most alluring and fascinating performance was by the rock band of Uday Kranti . Manav Khosla and Vikram Sharma, all of batch 1995 , who transfixed the air by harmony like "Summer of 69" and "Yeh Dosti ". After the musical extravaganza, our Vice-Principal ma'am, Mrs. Anjali Malik blessed the alumni with her heartiest wishes, wished them luck for the life ahead and extended a lifetime invitation to all the alumni to attend the Alumni Meets which are yet to come!Then, the alumni volunteers were selected from each batch who would represent their respective batch in further meets .

Then their was Chit Chat with friends and teachers reliving the fond memories of school , dancing within the same old groove, cherishing their reminiscence. Later alumni enjoyed the lunch and shook their legs to tranquil music.

Also, with due appreciation to almost EVERYONE who directly or indirectly helped to make the Meet a success, we would want to convey our special thanks to some of the volunteers, who invisibly delivered their duties in the best way possible. Their names are Megha Kashyap, Himanshu Chaddha, Megha Sharma, Satwik Mudgal ,Swati Katariya, Tuneer Verma, Anuvrat Mukhi, Tanuj , Ashmit and so on... To be honest, the list is endless. We may have skipped some names. We regret that. But we appreciate your invaluable support through out. Thanks...

Yes, we achieved something. We achieved togetherness and fellowship... that sweet aroma of friendliness which will surely drive all of you alumni who are reading this post now to the meet every year with same enthusiasm and vigor to make it a success.


CRPF Public School