No more a secret now!

Hello everyone
Well...we have finally decided to unveil the secret...
Yes, we intend to tell you what's keeping some E-members busy these days...Any guesses! Alright, it is the NTSE classes which some of the E-members have volunteered to take. Yes, we are serious... some of us have got the opportunity to share knowledge with their juniors (remember, we told you that E-club is all about sharing and hence gathering knowledge!). On a factual note, E-members have taken up the MAT (Mental Ability Test) section to start with. They are sincerely working with the students of Class VIII during zero periods under the privileged guidance of our teachers. You can find them holding a 'chalk' and religiously scribbling on the 'Black-Board' ! With lots of applause...

CRPF Public School

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