निन्दन्तु नीतिनिपुणाः यदि वा स्तुवन्तु, लक्ष्मीः समाविशतु गच्छतु, वा यथेष्ठम्।
अद्यैव वा मरणमस्तु युगान्तरे वा, न्यायात् पथः प्रविचलन्ति पदं न धीराः।।
that means:-
(Whether policy accomplished people to condemn, or to praise, Whether funding comes or goes, Today we die or after ages. The people who follow the rightest path never get dwindle. They never get Corrupt)

Class 8th B presented an Assembly on Corruption on 23/10/2018. With the help of Skit, Song, debate and Slogans they tried to brief the Audience how Corruption is ruining our society since ages, and how can it affect our future generation. What steps should we take to extract it from our society. They took pledge to stay away from it. A melodious Sanskrit Shlok was also sung.


On 29 October 2018 Class 9 D presented its morning assembly on the topic “SOCIAL NETWORKING”. The topic was addressed through a short and effective skit followed by a group song titled ANTI SOCIAL MEDIA. The melodious song was presented by the entire class. There was 100 percent participation of class 9D. The assembly began with a beautiful thought of the day presented by PANKAJ, YASH, and SOURAV. The news was presented by PORUSH and DIVAS. The skit emphasising negative impact of excess of social networking was presented by the impressive act by : SACHIN, GOKARAN, KRISH, RIYA, SAMRIDHI, SANYA BANSAL, DEEPANSHU, KARAN, ARYAN, ISHI, CHIRAG, MOHD.KAIF, GAUTAM, SIDDHARTH, ARYAN SHEORAN,AKSHIT.  The assembly anchors : Aaryan Kumar , Chahat and Saurabh could coordinate a very smooth and a beautiful morning assembly.

Love the parents and respect them (Class Assembly of VII A)

Class VII A has its assembly on 16th October 2018 on the topic ‘Love the parents and respect them’. Following are the part of the assembly: National song, Prayer, News , Thought of the day, speech on the topic Respect the parents , a skit on the life of famous scientist Thomas Alva Edison and his mother’s contribution in his life , a self composed poem  and some of the class students will share their feelings for their parents to say thank you for their love and care . At last we will have National Anthem.
In the assembly we will put our best efforts so that all students will show their participation through different activities. 

A pledge for Social Media Awareness

A special assembly was held on, “MOMO CHALLENGE GAME”, making the students aware about the drawbacks and threat of such games.
A pledge was also taken by the students. The Principal also addressed the students and asked them to be very vigilant and careful of such cyber games, Net be lured by messages and requests and immediately inform parents and elders if anything strange appears in the net.
The pledge taken by the students is:-
“I pledge to be careful, listen to my parents and teachers about social media activities, not to contact unknown people, not to accept any invitation to games online, not to share my personal information with anyone and immediately inform my parents or teachers if any message is received.
I also pledge to spread awareness among my peers and society”

OUR RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES (special assembly by class 3B)

Students of class 3B presented an assembly on 26.10.2018 on the topic OUR RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. Children presented a skit depicting the responsibilities of each and every individual. They also educated the audience about our rights and duties and mentioned not to hurt other people's feelings.
The students of class 3B took the pledge to keep their environment clean and to help others.

SOURCE OF INSPIRATION ( An Assembly by Class IV B)

A special assembly on the theme 'Sources of inspiration' was conducted by class 4B on 16.10.18. It was a great show put up by students, which included poem recitation, a skit and inspirational talks by students on people who inspire them. Students dressed up as various professionals who they aspire to become. At last students presented an English song on all the things that inspire them. The show was a great success.