Dear all

Here's wishing you all a VeRy, VeRy HaPpY, jOyOuS aNd PrOsPeRoUs NeW yEaR ! Beauty.. Freshness.. Dreams.. Truth.. Imagination.. Feelings.. Faith.. Trust.. This is the beginning of a new year! New is the year, new are our hopes and the aspirations and new is our resolution. Yes, in this new year, we have resolved to learn and hence spread the real ABC of life. And ABC of life says 'Always Be Connected' !

We know you are amazed at such a resolution. Anyway, let us tell you what exactly we are up to !In simple words, we wish to reaffirm our connections with 'Everybody'. Our Principal sir is very keen to have an 'Alumni Reunion'. And hence, we invite ALL of you to join us in a celebration on Tuesday, 26 January 2010. And by 'ALL', we really mean all of you... all the members of the CRPF Family... all the former teachers, alumni and just everyone who was once associated with the school. Let's come together once again and say cheers to life. Let's steal another reason to smile from our preoccupied lives. It's Party Time, after all.

Principal sir will be dedicating his final words to all of you regarding the same. And we will be soon scribbling those words here, on the blog, for all of you. So, keep following us. The registration form is available here for the alumni. Only the alumni are eligible to register through this form. All the students who are presently enrolled in the school are not required to register themselves. We want to always remain connected. And hence, we'll love to receive your confirmation. Once we have all the information with us, we would like to get a directory published for all of you. Yes, that really means that we will be giving you a copy of the directory to keep with you... always !!!

We will keep you updated about further proceedings. For other details, you may contact us via mail. You may also drop in your queries in the message board on the blog. We will try to entertain them as early as it gets. You may directly contact the school also. You may even contact any of your teachers with whom you have maintained your connections. The idea is just to ALWAYS BE CONNECTED ...

Our e-mail ID: crpfpsrohini@gmail.com
School's Address: CRPF Public School, Sector-XIV, Rohini, Delhi-110085.
School's Contact Number(s): 27562305

These were the few ways which we could suggest you to re-establish your contacts with us. We would love to receive your suggestions... tell us how else do you want to make connections. You ought not miss this opportunity ! We look forward to meet you soon ...

Be a part of it and you will be never apart !!!

CRPF Public School

CBSE Date-Sheet for 2010 is released!

Dear All

We hope you had a blast this Christmas! And probably, plans are in full swing for the New Year! Well, we just wanted to buzz you that the countdown for the Board Examinations 2010 has begun! Finally, The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced the dates for the next Standard X and XII examinations beginning from Friday, March 3, 2010. For more details, check out the CBSE's official website here. We are always available to help you out in the best possible way we can. So, do tell us your problems : You may mail them or just drop your queries in the Message Board. We will be happy to help you !

Click on the following links to see the date sheet:

(NOTE: Right click the above link, and select "save target as..." to save a copy of the same on your computer.)

We wish you all the very best for the examinations. It's absolutely fine and normal to be nervous. But your nervousness must never hold you back from performing your part !
All is well! Learn to Smile through Stress! Stay calm, be cool, be healthy, eat healthy, prepare well, do well and then wait for the magic to unfold !!! The World's all yours ... Go, Win it !!!

CRPF Public School

Merry Christmas

Dear all

We wish you a Merry Christmas !!! Hope this Christmas brings immense happiness and prosperity to your lives.

Well, Uncle Santa is on his way !!! Trust us ! He's on his way... And you can send your 'Wish list' to Him. Yes, we are serious ! All you need to do is, drop in your requests and special demands in the message box and that's it. You may ask for marks or gifts or anything... think BIG and rightfully demand Him. Uncle Santa will surely try to oblige each one of you this Christmas!

Or even better idea... Till the real Santa arrives, you may be someone's Santa too... No, you may do it without that long, white beard too ! Just make sure that you love all and you let them know that they are loved... As simple as that... But watch out, the real Santa is really on his way !!!

Oh... we are so excited to meet Uncle Santa that we forgot to share about the facts... Christmas is celebrated worldwide as the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on December 25 every year. Although traditionally a Christian holiday, Christmas is also widely celebrated by many non-Christians around the globe. And its celebrations are wide ranging.

Just in case you think we are kidding, we would want to tell you that we are not! Do not forget to send Uncle Santa your long 'Wish list' (Post it in the message board of the blog!) ... Who knows you are lucky enough to meet Him...

Wishing you Merry Christmas yet again and a very happy new year too...
We are off to gorge on some cookies now !!! It's Christmas, after all ...

CRPF Public School

Good Luck, ma'am !

Hello everyone

Through this platform, I dedicate my words and feelings to one of our fantastic teachers, Mrs. Aparna Singh , who has decided to move on in life. I am pained at the news of my dear ma'am parting ways with us. But then, for all that she visibly and invisibly did for us in all the moments that we were together, I, on behalf of everyone, thank her. I want to convey my heartiest feelings for this ever-smiling and ever-helping teacher of mine. We owe you a lot, ma'am ! Thanks for being there with us when we needed you. Thanks for all the love and care. Thanks for everything. We care for you in our own strange way, may be you'll never know, may be we'll never show ! But there's more that we wish to say ! We want to wish you luck and loads of happiness in the life ahead. Good luck, dearest ma'am ... We will cherish the memories of our togetherness ... Adieu ...

Gunjan Jain
(And a grateful student of Aparna ma'am )


Dear All

Well, we are heading towards our second -term examinations, commencing from 14 December 2009. We bring to you the date sheet for the same. Click here to download it.

Note: Click the image for a better view.

We wish you all the best. We hope that you do well in your examinations and come off with flying colours...

CRPF Public School


Dear all ,

It is said "Music and Rhythm find there way to the secret places in the soul '......Our school today organised a INTER-HOUSE GROUP MUSIC competition for classes 6 to 10 ....Truly... carefully strung notes and sterling performance by the children enthralled the crowd...The school was swaying at the hypnotic colors of sound .......but no matter how melodic the atmosphere it still was a competition...experts were called from outside to judge the students and there participation was highly commendable...At last the house results are as follows...
1.SHRAM HOUSE..(First prize)
2.SHRADHA HOUSE..(Second prize)
3. SHAKTI HOUSE..(Third prize)

Though this is just the beginning of musical journey of the participating students ...
We expect more flamboyant performance from them...

"Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons. You will find it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body".....