Hindi Debate Competition - Primary Department

Dear All

An Inter class Hindi Debate Competition for class V was held on 10/2/12. The topics were “ Grihkarya Milna Chahiye Ya Nahi” and “ Parikshaya Honi Chahiye ya Nahi”.

The topics assigned to the children enhanced their reasoning and communication skills in a positive manner.
A large number of students participated in the competition. They were able to express their views effectively in favour and against the motion.

It was a challenging task for the judges to decide the winners in different categories . The entire programme was appreciated by all.
Winners of the Debate were –
Class & Sec
Lakshey Loria
Agamya Loria
Saumya Gupta
Consolation  –
Class & Sec
Khayati Mishra
Jagriti Pandey
Riya Kumari

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General Knowledge Quiz - Primary Department

Dear All

General Knowledge Quiz of class III, IV,V was conducted on16th & 17th Feb,2012.Five students from each section were selected on the basis of oral and written tests. There were 3 teams of III & IV and 4 teams of V.

There were several rounds of questions like sports, literature, who is who, visual and audio rounds, inventors & inventions , space travel  , general knowledge & current affairs. There were questions for the audience after every round.
Result of class III

The Winner was team C from III-C.

Name of the participants are

Khushi Tiwari, Mehak Kansal, Muskan Puri, Avichal Antil, Sridhav Joshi

Result of class IV

The Winner was team A from IV-C.

Name of the participants are  

Abhishek Rana, Kush Pandey, Shivansh Dogra, Akshat Nigan, Suruchi

Result of class V

The Winner was team D from V-D.

Name of the participants are  

Harshita Singh , Laskshya Singh,Yash Sethia , Deepak Kumar Sharma, Sarthak Jain 

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CBSE Helpline

Dear All

“The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) started its helpline on February 1 to help students deal with anxiety and syllabus issues, suggest time management techniques and provide career guidance,” Rama Sharma, spokesperson of the exam controlling body, told agency.

“It is our first phase of counselling for those appearing for board examinations this year,” she added. The exams begin in March and end mid-April.

“There is a make or break junction synonymous with board exams. Students need to make realistic evaluation of the situation. We make them understand that exams are not the end but just another milestone in their lives,” Sharma said.

The helpline can be accessed at toll-free number 1800-180-3456 between 8 a.m. and midnight. The number will be operational till April 16.


Dear All

“To meet, to know, and then to part is the saddest tale of a human heart”. The word “Farewell” has a sad note to it. Yet we commemorate this day to recollect all bygone delightful memories.
C.R.P.F. Public School bid farewell to its Twelthies on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 in the school premises.
Students of class XII started coming beautifully dressed ready to revel the last day of their school lives. The anchors welcomed them with Sufi music which created a soothing ambience and set the mood for the show.
Choreographed beautifully the first dance number was put up by class XI boys who danced on a medley of “Desi Boyz, Likhe jo khat tujhe …….”. Solo song was sung by one of the boys “Sadda Haq Athe Rakh …….”. The songs sung by Choir Group “Goonja sa hai koi ek tara” accompanied by orchestra made the cultural programme outstanding.
Dance presented by a group of girls to the remix “Let it rain over me, Kahte hae mujhko hawa hawai…” was truly magical. Not to be left behind the boys too danced boisterously to the remix of popular bollywood numbers.
Titles were given to the students of class XII. The teachers were called one after another along with the students and each student was presented with a card, a folder and a pen. The teacher blessed the student put tilak and the student presented a small token of love and respect.
Miss/Mr CRPF and Lady/Gentleman of the evening were selected after three rounds of quiz, talent show and question round. Sonali Charak was crowned Miss CRPF and Shrey Arora was adjudged Mr CRPF. Gargi Mahato bagged the title “Lady of the Evening” whereas Kartikeya bagged the “Gentleman of the Evening” title.
This year three more titles were introduced. These were “Best dressed Lady” and “Best dressed Gentleman” and the titles were bagged by Chhavi Suvasini and Vishal Dabas – Head Boy. Miss and Mr Congeniality were bagged by Heira Khan and Saurav Chawla respectively. Miss and Mr Photogenic titles were bagged by Bhairavi and Aman Banyal respectively.

Principal Sir and Vice Principal Ma’am gave valuable advice and blessed the students. The Head Boy and the Head Girl addressed the gathering and thanked the school for all its contribution to their lives. Everyone enjoyed the lunch, chatted amongst themselves and clicked pictures. After lunch, it was time to hit the dance floor. The students danced to their heart's content. This way, 15th Feb’12, became a memorable event in many a lives.
With smiles and tears, hopes and aspirations, dreams and convictions, these children (now grown ups!) of CRPF take on this world with everything they received from this institution.
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Click here to see the Photographs’ of the event. (Clicked by Mr. Amit Bajaj)
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Here are the Class Photos:

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Bidding Farewell - Hostel

Dear All

There are some days which are just difficult to forget and 10th Feb’12 was one of such days. Our school hostel celebrated the hostel farewell that Friday! It was a beautiful evening, saying a Goodbye to all the twelthies in the hostel. Almost all the students in the hostel contributed to the occasion.
Initially all the students in classes 12th and 10th were blessed for their approaching exams. Subsequently, Principal Sir Sh. H. R. Sharma and Vice-Principal Ma├ím Mrs. Uma Mudgal lighted the lamp and inaugurated the programme. It was followed by a song ‘Neele neele aasman main tu hai, welcoming the guests of the evening. This was followed by a wonderful orchestra which made the surroundings all the more musical. Then Swati from the girls’ hostel sang a beautiful solo song “Hum rahain ya naa rahain”.
Now, the titles! All the twelthies and tenthies in the hostel were gifted and assigned with separate titles...After that, Ravish Malik; the head boy of the boys’ hostel addressed the people. A group of young boys performed an amusing dance and then the girls banged the dance floor! They danced beautifully and boomed the audience with lots of enthusiasm. Keerti; the head girl of the girls’ hostel inspired the audience with her eloquent speech. And then, “Rasht Ghosthi”! A remarkable play; was the most cherished part of the evening. It was complete entertainment with a rousing morality.
Principal Sir addressed the crowd with his golden words full of love and prudence. And at last but not the least, everyone enjoyed the dinner, chatted amongst themselves and clicked pictures.
Summing it all up, the return makes one love the farewell.
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Various events held in Primary Department

Dear All

The primary department of CRPF Public School, Rohini recently organized various events for the students in class III - V.


Students of Primary Department presented a special assembly on the occasion of Republic Day. Filled with the feeling of patriotism, class IV children started with the patriotic song followed by informative speech on how India got republic. Class III children portrayed the freedom fighters like Netaji Subhash Chander Bose, Bhagat Singh, Sarojini Naidu in their respective dresses. This was followed by a collective talk by three students on the making of constitution.
To refresh the memories of the past students of class V made a presentation on famous Historical monuments such as palaces, forts, temples of India which also included world heritage sites like Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Sun Temple, Humayun’s Tomb and Qutub Minar.
Students used placards to explain each monument, showing various structures, inside the fort or monument. The king or people who built them they also narrated the story or event behind the building of such monuments. The presentation gave an insight into the life of people, their culture and traditions of our past generations. They also stressed the need to preserve our historical monuments suggested ways to do so children browsed the net.
Class V children presented their heritage project on various historical monuments of India. They collected the very rare pictures and presented the most informative data available to them. Children browsed the net, went through various books in the library and did a lot of effort to make this project a success! Our Principal Sir Mr. H. R. Sharma praised the students and inspired them to become good citizens of India.
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On 6.2.12 an exhibition ‘Young scientist’ organized by Primary Department was held where students of class IV and V showcased a wide range of experiments on water(floating and sinking’s), air pressure, friction , light(reflection , refraction ) etc. The purpose of this exhibition was to arouse curiosity in young minds about their environment and to give a platform to learn from each other and satisfy their thirst of knowledge. The exhibition helped children to do things with their hands and enhance their scientific skills of observation, recording data, drawing, inferences exploring, investigating and asking questions. 
The efforts done by the children and teachers were appreciated by all.
Click here to see the photographs of the event.


On 07.02.12 , a fancy dress competition was organized for class III students. Children participated in it with full enthusiasm, confidence and conviction. Ms. Anuradha (TGT Biology) and Ms. Jyotsna Kapoor (Pre-primary department) judged this event. The theme of this competition was “Save Environment, Save Earth”. Children came dressed up as mother earth, air pollution, plastic boy, river Yamuna, trees etc and through their performance tried to generate awareness among the audience to generate awareness among the audience about various environmental problems. They made about everyone rethink about the way we are playing with the environment and spoiling the delicate ecological balance through our actions. They also gave suggestions and valuable tips about ways to save the precious environment. The competition proved to be a great success and all the participants were hugely appreciated for their efforts by everyone.
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Dear All

“It’s that time of the year
 when we’ve got to cheer
so that you may forget all fear
and come together whether far or near.”

A special invitation being sent to all our dear class XII students, on the occasion of “FAREWELL” on 15 February 2012 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm in the school premises. Kindly be there on time and make it an occasion to remember for your lifetime.
It is also to invite XII students for the HAWAN to render good wishes for their forthcoming board examinations at 8:00 am (normal school time) on 18 February 2012. After the Hawan, students can collect their Admit Cards after getting clearance from all the departments.  
Wish you all a very good luck...

·         School will remain closed on 15 February 2012 (Wednesday) for classes KG to X.
·         Buses will ply on their regular routes.

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Primary Department Organised an Exhibition

Dear All

The primary department of CRPF Public School, Rohini recently organized an exhibition on 31st Jan related to activities and projects done in EVS and Maths.

The EVS exhibition revolved around the theme of ‘Shelters’- materials used in buildings, people involved in the process of building the structures ( from designing to construction and finishing) and models of different types of buildings. Students of Class III explained about the materials like cement, marble, tiles, iron etc. required during the construction of buildings .Class IV students dressed up like architect, mason, laborers etc and threw light upon the importance of these people in making such beautiful structures a reality. Models of different types of houses (Stilt house, houseboat, tent house, multi-storied buildings etc) made by class V students were also showcased.

Maths exhibition encompassed two major themes-‘3-D shapes’ and ‘Measurement’. Students of class V participated in 3-D model making competition on 21st January where they were required to use readily available 3-D boxes/shapes and make interesting models. Selected models were part of this exhibition and reflected their creativity and imagination. Students were engaged in Jodo Pipe activities while learning about 3-D shapes in class V (part of Math Lab Activities). Various 3-D shapes learnt by students during this activity viz tetrahedron, cube, prisms, pyramids, dodecahedron, icosahedrons etc were also shown there. Another feature which was included in the display was the ‘Measurement Project’ done in classes III-V, involving various activities related to measurement of time, money, height, area and perimeter. This exhibition was the culmination of ongoing activities during Dec-Jan and a great learning experience for all.

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Dear all

March is almost here. And so is the the dreaded EXAM SEASON. While the levels of tension, stress and frustration are on an all time high, no one can deny the immense power of a simple smile and a simple 'Good luck. I know you'll do well" in curbing the exam stress! There isn't a way out of these desperate days. And there isn't really a short cut either. But the best part is that each one of us will always get to see a smiling face and will get to hear an enthusiastic 'All the best' from someone at some moment. 
Transient feeling of anxiety and stress is a part of life for every individual. A mild degree of anxiety and stress may be stimulating and motivating, and may actually help to improve the performance; but high degree of stress may be disrupting. Examinations and interviews are undoubtedly stressful situations. Every child goes through such situation and learns to cope up with stress arising out of them, with experience and advancing age.
The coping strategies are partly inherent qualities and also learnt by observation of the parents or parent figures.
Appearing for examinations is one of the very common situations, which an adolescent finds difficult to cope up with. A hard working adolescent with good intelligence may not be able to give his full performance in an examination. An adolescent may avoid an examination or may not be able to write the answers, though he/she knows them. An anxiety may disable and affect performance of an adolescent in an examination.
Right approach and right coping strategies may stimulate an a child to overcome anxiety and maximize own performance in the examination. Minimal anxiety enables an individual adolescent to be more alert, attentive and concentrate fully in an examination.
High degree of anxiety interferes with performance not only in the examination room but perhaps even more in the preparation of examination.
There is no remedy if the student has not put up organized, and/or sufficient efforts and not prepared systematically for the examination. Systematic, persistent, organized efforts from the beginning of the session are the best strategies for any individual to prevent anxiety related to examination.
A warm relationship and feeling of security in the home environment promotes congenial atmosphere for an adolescent and minimizes the stress and anxiety before, during and after examinations.

Suggestions for students:-

Before going to the Examination Hall
1. Avoid indigestible food, excessive liquids and stimulants like cola, coffee or tea in the previous night.
2. Avoid late night reading.
3. Sleep for six hours at least, to get enough rest.
4. Avoid discussion about previous papers.
5. Plan some relaxation in the morning like listening to light music or going for a short walk or a jog for 15 to 20 minutes.
6. Do not attempt any new revision topics on the day of examination.
7. Eat light food with good nutritive value well before you start from home on the way to examination hall. Keep a small water bottle along with to keep you well hydrated.

In the Examination Hall
1. Minimize waiting time outside the examination hall. It is always good to have known the exact examination hall and seat on the previous day.
2. Walk straight into examination hall on the day of examination.
3. Avoid anxiety provoking discussions with friends e.g. discussion on topics or questions or nervous feelings you have, etc.
4. Practice positive self-statements like "I am going to do well", "I am well prepared for this examination', ‘I have come here to pass the examination with good grades’.

In the Examination Seat
1. Settle and compose yourself.
2. Layout your equipment. e.g. pen, pencil, compass etc at leisure with cool mind.
3. Take fifteen minutes to read the paper and check instructions carefully. then underline key words in questions in your mind and plan.
4. Try to write legibly.
5. Leave space after each answer.
6. Select the question you know the answer best.
7. Write simply in short sentences, with correct spellings.
8. Avoid long background introductions in your answers.
9. Do not worry about the number of supplementary sheets used other examinees. Just concentrate on your own job.
10. Plan your time - drive the time according to the marks allocated to each question.
11. Stick to your time budget - try to keep ten minutes time at the end so as to permit you to tie supplementaries, check roll no. etc.
12. If you are running out of time - remember that two half answered questions fetch more marks than only one fully answered question. So never leave any question unattempted.
13. Always leave five to ten minutes in the end to check your answers. This strategy helps to make minor changes, recheck any inadvertent omissions and adds to the mental peace for further examination papers.

All the best!
CRPF Public School