"GANIT UTSAV" - Math's Week Celebrations from 16 - 22 December 2014

Dear Reader,
CRPF Public School, Rohini celebrated Mathematics Week as “Ganit Utsav” from 16 December 2014 to 22 December 2014 to remark the 127th Birth Anniversary of the great Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.
The inauguration was done by honorable chief guest Anita Sharma Madam, Principal, S.D. Public School, Pitam Pura and respected Principal Sir Sh. H.R. Sharma.
A series of interesting events for different classes were organized. On the Inaugural day i.e. 16 December 2014, lecture on Ramanujan and his life was delivered by honorable chief guest Anita Sharma Madam and also by Mr. Amit Bajaj, HOD (Mathematics).
Many Mathematical competitions were organized on different days.
          (TOPIC: What would happen if there is no Math’s’)
The culmination ceremony was held on 22nd December 2014 and was marked by celebrating birthday of Srinivasa Ramanujan.  Smt. Anjana Mukharjee, HOD (Mathematics) in DAV School, Pitam Pura graces the occasion and was the chief guest.
About 10 students from VI – XI shared their experiences on innovations in Mathematics. Anant Kumar, A student of VII – A acted as Ramanujan and enlightened the students about the great mathematician. The ceremony ended in magnificence, with students receiving merit certificates for their respective events, by honorable chief guest Smt. Anjana Mukharjee, Mr. Amit Bajaj HOD (Mathematics), Mrs. Vandana Sehgal Primary Incharge and Ms. Hema Batra Pre-Primary Incharge.
CLASSES I - II            CLASSES III - V          CLASSES VI - XI
The whole week was full of Mathematical Joy with lots of learning for all the students.


CRPF Public School, Rohini

Another Victory # Sports Department

Dear Reader,
We are pleased to inform you all that our School Senior Football team got 3rd position in inter-zonal competition, a tournament in which most of the schools in Delhi participated.

Also, in sub-junior (under-14 years) category our school team got the 2nd position in inter-zonal competition.

Congratulations sports department, team members and their coach Mr. Sunil Patwal Sir.

CRPF Public School, Rohini


Dear Reader,

Our school is all set to celebrate its Annual Day on Friday, 12 December 2014. With immense hope and conviction in their eyes, children are raring to go. Everybody has contributed with all his/her might to leave no stones unturned for the success of the event.
Kindly refer to Circular for all the details regarding Annual Day.
We are also attaching the list of all the students who would be getting prize on the Annual Day. In case of any discrepancy, kindly contact at school’s reception (Ph. No. 27562306/ 27567642) or email at crpfpublicschoolrohini@gmail.com
With immense hope for the success of the function...
CRPF Public School, Rohini

Another Victory #Sports Department

Dear Reader,
Our school football sub-junior boys (under-14 years), junior boys to (under-17 years) and senior boys (under-19 years) won zonal championship in all three categories and got the first position.

Also, our football team won the final at Ambedkar Stadium and awarded Rs. 25000 cash prize with trophy and medals. Our team beat Modern School in finals by 2-1.
Congratulations to all the team members and coach Mr. Sunil Patwal.

CRPF Pubic School, Rohini

Fifth Intra School Mathematics Olympiad - RESULT

Dear Reader,

The Fifth Intra School Mathematics Olympiad was held on 7 November 2014.
Hopefully, it was a great learning experience for all. It surely provided an extended platform for all the participating students and it is wished that it is utilized to its fullest.
Here are many young Ramanujan’s and Shakuntala Devi’s in our school who had performed very well in the exam.
Check out the result here:
Congratulations to all the rank and merit holders for their brilliant performance in the  Olympiad.
You may again like to see the question papers and their solutions.

CRPF Public School, Rohini


Another Victory#Sports Department

Dear Reader,

We are feeling proud to share the news that in CBSE National Football Tournament our school team got the second place. There were total of 38 teams from all over India including 6 teams from Dubai. The final match was played between our school team and strong opponent team of Bokaro School, Jharkhand held at Anand Gujarat. Our team loses in tie-breaker 3-2 though the regular time score was 1-1. 

Also, our school’s sub-junior boys(under-14yrs), junior boys (under-17yrs) and senior boys (under-19yrs) won zonal football championship in all the three categories and got the first place.
Congratulations to all the team members, their coach Mr. Sunil Patwal and sports department.

CRPF Public School, Rohini

Children’s Day Celebrations

Primary and Pre-Primary Department enthusiastically celebrated children’s day on 14th Nov. Prof. C.K. Saluja, eminent educationaist, and Mr. Inder Singh, commandant, 55 battalion graced the occasion.

The programme commenced with orchestra where 85 students from classes II, IV, V played composition based on “Raag Bhairav”. Melodious performance was appreciated by the guests.

A group of students from class II and III mesmerized the audience through their group song. Ankush Chauhan ( V-C) and Yuvika Bisla ( V-A) expressed what Children’s day mean to them.

Mansi Raina (V-B) joyfully recited a poem on “Chacha Nehru”.

Abhinav Gautam (V-C) expressed himself on this special day and made other students take a pledge that they would work honestly, truthfully and responsibly to bring out the best in themselves and would set their country on the path of progress and prosperity.

Excellence was also honoured.Prof C.K. Saluja and Mr. Inder Singh gave away prizes to meritorious students.

In the end Taekwondo demonstration by students of class II, III, IV and V spell bound everyone. Principal Mr. H.R. Sharma appreciated Children’s efforts and congratulated them for putting up a wonderful programme.

Primary Department
( Class III, IV and V)

Keeping in view the school’s value based,  activity oriented philosophy we keep on organizing activities which develop learners’ logical thinking , scientific attitude and equip them with basic language skills. Learners imbibe value of discipline, sense of caring and sharing, their view gets widened and learn to take initiative which help in harmonious development of their personality.

Activity based teaching in Primary classes

Language class gives us an opportunity to work with children in a highly flexible, creative and enjoyable medium. That way we create conditions in which children can develop essential language skills and use those skills to sharpen their abilities to learn and respond.

  • To develop their language skills learners are involved in many activities such as role-play, poem recitation, story telling and dramatization, declamation.

  • They get opportunities to learn to respond in functions like greeting, thanking, making requests, apologies, asking for information and permission.

  • Keeping in mind the benefits of reading and to inculcate this wonderful skill learners are advised to read the titles suggested by the teacher. Then they are asked to prepare themselves to make presentation on the “Character they liked the most” or any interesting incident in the story.

Our science teaching aims to encourage natural tendencies to develop understanding based on observation. Interactive approach is adopted to arouse interest in students and enhance their level of curiosity. Keeping this in mind a large no. of activities have been included which can be easily performed by the children.

Projects and Surveys – Eg. Project on cleanliness, pollution. To enhance scientific skills of observation and drawing inferences and for the development of scientific attitude simple science experiments are done by children in labs/class.

To create awareness and raise understanding of environmental issues role plays on various topics such as global warming, water conservation are performed by children. To develop psyco motor skills, model making competitions are done. Besides outdoor activities such as visit to herbal garden for better understanding of plants around them also include compost pit visit. Various competitions such as -1 min science talk, favourite science news, reporting, young scientist are regularly held to motivate children and build their confidence.


The main emphasis behind teaching –learning methodology of mathematics in primary department is the development of thinking and reasoning skills in students. Keeping this in mind, different activities and competitions are conducted to explore, analyze reason and find possible generalizations.

Activities like rangometry and compass patterns, tessellations, abacus, 3-D model making, finding area and perimeter using graph paper, reflection and rotational symmetry activities, measurement activities using calibrated containers, shopping game etc. are taken up where students apply their understanding of various concepts.

Various competitions like fancy dress, 3-D model making, oral calculation, notebook decoration and maths quiz are also organized to bring out the creative and competitive spirit among students.

Fun with factors

Students of class IV performed a group activity related to factors on 30th October .Each member of the group participated in discussion and presentation of the work on A3 sheet, where they had to apply their understanding of factors to make different possible rectangles for the given numbers.

Rotational Symmetry

Class V students engaged themselves in a challenging group activity related to rotational symmetry on 30th October. In this activity, each group was given a particular shape of given measurement. Using different colours of same shape, the group had to create a design/ pattern which is rotationally symmetric at any one or multiple turns. Students came out with beautiful patterns which also reflected their understanding of symmetry.

Social Studies

The aim of teaching social studies is to make the child feel important about their family, community, culture, their way of life and finally their country. This is promoted through the involvement of parents and community in the school group learning and peer learning for social interactions. Projects, presentations, tours and excursions, social interactions, quizzes, debates etc. build up confidence and provides first hand knowledge and recreation too. It also develops reasoning and thinking skills too.

Class III
1. Bulletin Board Competition was held where children depicted a "Metro City" through pictures and information.
III-A Chennai          III-B Mumbai          III-C Kolkata

Winner: Class III-B

Class IV

A group activity was taken up in class IV about different multipurpose projects like Bhakra Nangal Dam, Damodaor Valley Project etc. Each group collected information and made a collage about one such project and gave a presentation in the class.

1. Bulletin Board Competition was held .The topics were :

a) Gautam Buddha          b) Guru Nanak          c) Akbar the great

Winner: Class IV-B

2. Group Activity has been taken up on 20.10.2014 in which children had made posters on “Right to Education” spreading awareness regarding education. They came up with their unique ideas and presented few lines on importance of education which is essential for developing human resource

Class V
1. Interview the junk dealer- The students interviewed the junk dealer and gave a presentation in the class. The purpose of this activity was to find out how non- biodegradable and biodegradable wastes are reprocessed and recycled. This was the part of the chapter about conservation of environment.

2. Bulletin Board Competition: - Topic Pollution                      

Winner: Class V-C

All Set for our Annual Day!

Dear Reader,
Our school is all set to celebrate its Annual Day on Tuesday, 25 November 2014. With immense hope and conviction in their eyes, children are raring to go. Everybody has contributed with all his/her might to leave no stones unturned for the success of the event. From the kid dancing in the back row to the event in-charge, from the students working backstage to everybody who's enjoying the limelight, there's not a single person from the CRPF family who's not awaiting the arrival of this day.
Kindly refer to this circular for all the details regarding Annual Day.

We are also attaching the list of all the students who would be getting prize on the Annual Day. In case of any discrepancy, kindly contact at school’s reception (Ph. No. 27562306/ 27567642) or email at crpfpublicschoolrohini@gmail.com

With immense hope for the success of the function...


CRPF Public School

Fifth Intra School Mathematics Olympiad - Solution Key

Dear All,

Mathematics, often called as language of nature has become an integral part of everyone’s life. In today's highly competitive world, one has to bear a lot of mental stress and also have to get involved in so many things in order to acquire knowledge. This is where co-scholastic activities play a very significant role. They provide the much needed exposure for a student.
CRPF Public School has fulfilled its motto of striving towards excellence by organizing and successfully completing its Fifth Intra School Mathematics Olympiad on 7 November 2014. Around 250 students enthusiastically participated in the Olympiad held in school premises.
Such Olympiads and events provide a great and extended platform for the students to nurture and showcase their ability and talent. It was a towering learning experience for the students of the school from class VI to XII. To encourage students, merit certificates will be given to those scoring at least 60% along with the normal prizes for the top scorers.
We hope that all the participating students must have done well in the exam. To access your performance, check out the solution keys of the question papers below:-

Question papers:-
Class VI      Class VII     Class VIII
Class IX      Class X        Class XI     Class XII

Solutions keys:-
Class IX      Class X        Class XI      Class XII

The result would be declared on 21  November 2014 and would be available here on the blog.

Wishing you all the best!!!

CRPF Public School, Rohini

Special Assembly on the occasion of Diwali

Dear Reader,
On 21st October 2014, Shaurya House presented a special assembly on the occasion of Diwali “The festival of lights”.
The celebration commenced with the lighting the lamp by our Principal Sir, Vice-Principal Madam and House Master. About 100 students of Shaurya House participated I various programs like Manas Gayan, Skit and festive dance etc.
Children of classes IX and X voiced their determination to touch the sky and presented a choir “Manas Gayan”. The program moved on with a skit presented by class VIII students which was titled “Promote cleanliness and safe life”. The skit ended with a pledge to celebrate anti-cracker Diwali. Students of classes VI and VII conveyed their best wishes of Diwali to everyone through their scintillating dance performance.
The green forehead and wrist bands of Shauryans and the green scarves of the house prefectorial board displayed the message of saving the environment and spreading peace and prosperity.
The efforts of the Shauryans were appreciated and reflected by the Principal Sir’s speech. He praised the zeal of the students and the teachers under the leadership of house master.
The grand show came to an end with the National Anthem.

CRPF Public School, Rohini

Inter House Rangoli Competition

I - Shaurya & Shraddha House
II - Shram House
III - Shakti House

Inter-House Mathematics Competitions - RESULTS

Dear Reader,

Mathematics Department has organised Mathematics Week successfully. Students took part enthusiastically and had a great learning experience.






CRPF Public School, Rohini

Students Pledge to End Bullying

Dear Reader,
We, at CRPF Public School want to take a stand against bullying; it is not going to be allowed in our school.

Today in the morning assembly all the students took a pledge on the occasion of Anti-Bullying day.

I make a COMMITMENT to take a stand against bullying.
I will treat others with RESPECT and KINDNESS.
I will have the COMPASSION to not be a bully
and the COURAGE to not be a bystander.
It is my RESPONSIBILITY to help others being bullied and to report bullying. 

Click here to watch video.

CRPF Public School, Rohini


Dear Readers,

Hon'ble Prime Minister launched the first phase of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, a massive mass movement that seeks to create a Clean India on October 2, 2014.
The larger aim of the campaign is to make cleanliness a habit at personal level, official level and community level among all our children, teachers, staff, officers and through them, in the community and the country.

The immediate outcomes expected of the Campaign are:
• Total cleanliness of schools, offices, stadia etc.
• Functional and Cleaned toilets
• Condemnation of unserviceable items like desks, old furniture, electrical items etc.
• Plantation at suitable locations within school premises.
• Awareness generation on hygiene and cleanliness among students, staff and local community
To know more please download the following files:

Also, our PM was live today on Radio at 11 a.m. in the program "Mann ki Baat"
Listen to the following message given by him. To read the same kindly check the following file.

We, the staff of CRPF School request your active support and participation in the collective quest to make a Swachh Bharat.”

CRPF Public School, Rohini

Schedule for Swach Bharat Campaign (2nd Oct, 14)

9:00 – 9:30 a.m.
  1. Prayer
  2. News
  3. Thought of the Day
  4. Address by Principal
  5. Pledge
  6. National Anthem
9:30- 10:30 a.m.
Art (Poster Making) for selected students of classes VI to XII
9:30 -  10:15 a.m.
Class decoration /Cleanliness (Class Teachers to be on duty)
10:15 - 10:30 a.m.
10:30 – 11:00 a.m.
Essay Writing competition (Hindi/English) (Class Teachers to be on duty)
11:00- 11:15 a.m.

NOTICE for 2nd October 2014

  1. There will be an Art Competition of one hour duration on 2nd October, 2014 as a part of ‘Swachh Bharat’ Campaign, an initiative of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India as per the following plan:

No. of participants
 The students who wish to participate in this competition need to bring their own colours (except sketch pens and pencil colours which are not allowed). The school will provide the drawing sheet to the participants. The competition will be held in the Art Room. All participants will be given participation certificates. Four best paintings will be selected and categorized as I, II, III and Consolation.

  1. There will be an Essay Writing Competition in English as well as well as in Hindi from 10.30 to 11.00 a.m. in the classrooms.  For each section, 4 best entries will be selected and categorized as I, II, III and Consolation.

(H R Sharma)



As you are aware that Hon’ble Prime Minister of India is launching the first phase of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on 2nd October,2014. All the schools of Delhi have been directed by DoE vide circular no: PS/DE/2014/324 that the entire staff and the students from classes VI to XII have to actively participate in the event. Therefore staff and the students have to report to the school from 8:45 a.m to 11:15 a.m.


Datesheet for Summative Examination - 1 (2014-15)

Student Achievers from Sanskrit and Music Department

Dear Reader,

From 26 Aug 2014 to 1 Sep 2014, various district level competitions were organised  by Delhi Sanskrit Academy. The results are as follows:

1) Sanskrit-Shlok-Uchcharan (Group-recitation)                         
II Prize (2400/- Cash)
(Jaskirat X E, Karaj X E, Pujan X E,
Shubham Puri IX A,  Aditya Purang IX E, Sumit IX A)

2) Sanskrit-Vad-Vivad (Debate)                                         
I Prize (2200/- Cash)
(Anjalipriya XB, Sucheta Kumari XI D)

3) Sanskrit-Bhashan (Speech)                                             
II Prize (1000/- Cash)
(Garima Negi IX A)

4) Sanskrit-Ekal-Shlok-Sangeet (Solo-song)          
I Prize (1200/- Cash)
(Anaswara XI E)

All teams, Shlok-uchcharan team, Debate team, Bhashan team & Ekal-shlok-sangeet have got opportunity to participate in Central Level (State level) also.