Dear All,

It was a moment of Pride,

Their best, they all tried.

Seeing them graduating and taking strides,

Our emotions we could not hide.

Congrats to all our dear Kindergarteners!

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Mesmerizing us all by the scintillating performance, our little ones celebrated their ‘Graduation Day’ on 16th March’2011. Whether it was in choir, skit or dance, each and every child participated and enthralled us by their performance. The cultural programme was followed by Graduation ceremony. It was an emotional moment for parents and teachers and brought tears in the eyes of many parents.

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One more Laurel to CRPF School

Dear All

We got another reason for which you can be proud of your school and your schoolmates as well. Following is what Nitin Agrawal has to share with all of us:

I on being selected had the pleasure to attend Youth Model United Nation 2011 organised by Lingaya’s Univeristy, Faridabad. It was  an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda wherein participants role played as delegates of various countries and were dressed in formal attire.

The conference hosted four councils namely The General Assembly, The United Nations Security Council, The Economic and Social Council and The United Nations Global Compact. I  was assigned to be the delegate of Niger in the General Assembly.The agenda and hence the proceedings focused on Conventional Weapon Cluster.

Our committee was excellently chaired by Mr Abhishek Vats and vice chaired by Mr Sagar Gupta. The two day long conference held on 17th and 18th February was embedded with four sessions. The delegates were provided with transport facility. I used to board the bus at 6 am in the morning. During the conference procedure prescribed the united Nations was followed throughout. A day’s proceeding consisted of a roll call followed by a 3 hours long session wherein delegates discussed their countries views, policies and suggestion through the medium of Speaker’s list and various motions such as moderated and  unmoderated caucuses followed by lunch and a session which usually lasted another 2.5 hours

In the fourth session(day 2) the delegates were presented with a crisis situation in certain part of we therefore were supposed to reacts toward and resolve the same under prescribed time. It was a perfect first hand experience of a Model United Nations Conference which was certainly instrumental in perpetuating diplomacy and public speaking skills. In hope our school may also host such events in the near future.

Nitin Agrawal
XI A (Now in XII A)

It's great to know about such interesting activities of the students of our school. If you also wish to share your experiences with us, mail us on . If found suitable, we would love to post it on the blog for all to read and appreciate! Till next time, we wish good luck to everyone for everything.

CRPF Public School 


Dear all

On the occasion of ‘World Cancer Day’ i.e on 4th February 2011, Mr. N.K Bhattacharya from CANCER AID SOCIETY talked to the students of the school about the need and importance of cancer awareness.

The World Cancer Day is a global observance that helps raise cancer awareness among people and tells about ways to prevent, detect or treat cancer at an early stage. People, government and NGOs work together on World Cancer Day to help the general public learn more about the different types of cancer. The talk was very useful and interesting and several facts about cancer were highlighted.
The following preventive measures were suggested:

  • Avoid smoking.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Avoid taking too many antibiotics.
  • Avoid very spicy foods.
  • Avoids stale foods and ghee.
  • Avoid taking spoiled fruits and vegetables etc.
After the talk, forms were distributed among students to create awareness around their locality regarding the Do’s and Don’ts to fight this dreaded disease. Students of all the classes participated enthusiastically and they were able to collect huge money to donate to the needed people. Amount of Rs 1,53,350 /- was collected in the school from the students of classes UKG to XII . A draft of Rs. 1,53,350 /- was handed over to the society on 22 February 2011.

Events like these keep the youth informed about the good and the bad of the times. E-club salutes the spirit of those who are courageously fighting this disease and of all the students too, who took the pains to collect donations and hence contribute significantly towards this genuine cause.

CRPF Public School