Second Intra School Mathematics Olympiad- RESULT

Dear All,
The Second Intra School Mathematics Olympiad was held on 23 November 2011.
Hopefully, it was a great learning experience for all. It surely provided an extended platform for all the participating students and it is wished that it is utilized to its fullest.
As it was promised to declare the result on 22 December (hope you remember!) i.e. birthday of great Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan who acted as a pioneer for many mathematicians. Despite of no proper training in pure mathematics he made special and extraordinary contributions in mathematical analysis, number theory, infinite series etc.
Here are many young Ramanujan’s in our school who had performed very well in the exam. Check out the result here:

Congratulations to all the rank and merit holders for their brilliant performance in the  Olympiad.
You may again like to see the question papers and their solutions.

CRPF Public School

Lectures delivered by our Principal Sir

Dear All

As it is said, “Without heroes, we are all plain people, and don't know how far we can go.” We in our school, have so many role models who always show us the true paths of inspiration. Our very own Principal Sir has added a golden feather to the school’s hat. He is a true teacher and a placid preacher, as he is well suited to know a child’s psychology and he knows the best how to tackle and mould the growing years of a student’s life. His talent of   understanding the child’s mind and ideology was recognized by one of the education channel Vyas TV (managed by UGC). Our Sir got a golden opportunity to deliver an hour lecture on “The essential role of education in the development of a child”. Not only had this, but once again on 13 December 2011 he delivered a lecture on “Effective schooling and effective school”.
All his words were truly inspiring and aspiring.
We are so delighted to have such a versatile and dynamic personality within us who will always put in his best to enhance the capabilities and potential of kids, also it is a matter of pride for all the students to dwell under his guidance and love.
We believe our school is fortunate enough that, now many people will now recognize this unique talent of our principal sir.
Thank you sir.

To listen and view the lectures, kindly follow the links displayed below.
Day 1     Day 2

CRPF Public School


Dear All

CRPF Public School celebrated  24th Annual Day on 9th Dec 2011 with great zeal, enthusiasm, and gaiety. The cultural extravaganza that was presented encompassed the latent potential of the students. The chief guest was Shri. K .Vijay Kumar , Honourable Director General, who inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp. Shri S.R. Panthi , DIG ( Adm. ,Manager of the school ) and other dignitaries were also present to grace the occasion.

The Chief Guest was welcomed by Shri H.R.Sharma , Prinicipal , C.R.P.F. Public School. In his welcome address Mr. Sharma spoke about how education at C.R.P.F. Public school has been a perfect example of empowerment and enlightenment.

The cultural programme started with the school choir rendering Badle Yug Ki Dhara. This was followed by the orchestra which was a rock based fusion with Indian classical Raga Mishra Kaafi and  Raga Bhairavi. The annual report was presented by the school principal in which the achievements of the session 2010-2011 were highlighted besides enumerating the excellent results of the students in the board exams of classes X and XII He also spoke of the brilliant performance of the students in the entrance exams of various professional institutes like IIT , DCE , NIFT , Medical etc.

The chief guest released the school magazine “SRIJUN”. He also gave away prizes to meritorious students.

One of the highlights of the function was Junior Ballet called “MY BOOK – A WINDOW TO THE MAGICAL WORLD”. The ballet left the audience spell bound. The senior ballet “Rashtra Ke Shanti Doot” depicted the story of CRPF, how they withstand all attacks with courage and fortitude. The ballet is a salute to the unsung heroes of Mother India.

Shri K. Vijay Kumar, Chief Guest, in his address congratulated the Principal Shri H.R Sharma, teachers and students for the wonderful show presented by them. He also appreciated the efforts of students alike. The programme ended with the vote of thanks proposed by Mrs.Uma Mudgal, Vice Principal, CRPF Public School, Rohini. 

CRPF Public School


Dear All

Mathematics, often called as language of nature has become an integral part of everyone’s life. In today's highly competitive world, one has to bear a lot of mental stress and also have to get involved in so many things in order to acquire knowledge. This is where co-scholastic activities play a very significant role. They provide the much needed exposure for a student.
CRPF Public School has fulfilled its motto of striving towards excellence by organizing and successfully completing its Second Intra School Mathematics Olympiad on 23rd November 2011. Around 450 students enthusiastically participated in the Olympiad held in school premises.
Such Olympiads and events provide a great and extended platform for the students to nurture and showcase their ability and talent. It was a towering learning experience for the students of the school from class III to XII. To encourage students, merit certificates will be given to those scoring at least 60% along with the normal prizes for the top scorers.
We hope that all the participating students must have done well in the exam. To access your performance, check out the solution keys of the question papers below:-
Question papers:-
Class III      Class IV          Class V
Class IX      Class X        Class XI       Class XII
Solutions keys:-
Class III      Class IV          Class V
Class IX      Class X        Class XI       Class XII

The result would be declared on 22nd December 2011 (birth date of great Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan) and would be available here.
Wishing you all the best!!!

CRPF Public School

Second Intra School Mathematics Olympiad

Dear all,

The Mathematics Department of CRPF Public School is back with the Second Intra-School Mathematics Olympiad, to be held on 23 November 2011 (Wednesday) in the school premises only. The last date for registration is 18 November 2011 (Friday), so hurry up. Go, get yourself registered!
The Mathematics Department, striving towards excellence has welcomed all the suggestions, opinions and advices after the completion of last year’s First Intra-School Mathematics Olympiad and has tried its best to incorporate most of the valuable suggestions made by the students, participants, teachers, parents and others. As a consequence, unlike last year (where the entire question paper was objective), this year, participants will face a 40% subjective paper too. Also, to felicitate the efforts and intelligence of participants, the department has decided to award a certificate of merit to every participant this year scoring at least 60%, other than the regular prizes for top scorers. 

Click here to download the copy of the circular.

Consult your Math teacher for other details or queries and check out the following links for the circular, sample papers and last year’s Olympiad papers:

2.    Here are the Sample Papers:

CLASS IX        CLASS X              CLASS XI            CLASS XII

Also check the previous year's Question Papers:

CLASS III         CLASS IV          CLASS V
CLASS IX        CLASS X              CLASS XI            CLASS XII

You may also like to check the result of Previous year's exam:
We wish you good luck already. Start quizzing your brain and get your mathematical quotient checked this December!

CRPF Public School


Dear All

Corruption seems to be a natural face of Indian politics as others find corruption still the hottest topic of Indian administrative Market. Really, this decade of 21st Century tends to kill corruption as well as click people with awareness.
Hence, making contribution of their part our Sanskrit-guru, Dr. Vijay Singh and Mr. Amitosh Sharma unleashed their creativity to give us a masterpiece in the form of a play – THE GOLDEN OWL. Seeking the humour element, quality and uniqueness of this play, it was presented on Independence Day in School, this year. The play was acclaimed with stupendous applause and words of praise by the audience.
This team then headed for Zonal competition and despite the hair splitting judgment and tough competitions among 23 top schools of our zone, we topped the zone. As if topping the zone wasn’t enough, our play again won the Inter- Zonal completion by securing first position. The quality of this play can be judged by the statement of one of the judges in the competition who as executed “PROFESSIONALLY”.
Well, after being the clear winners of Inter- Zonal championship, this play would now be represented at the district level.
At the end, we would like to share that this play not only entertained us but also truly nurtured the talent of each performer involved.

Wishing each one of them hearty congratulations and good luck…

CRPF Public School

VISIT TO CBI - Lodhi Road

Dear All

C.R.P.F has taken the endeavor of giving students experiences of life time. One such experience we have had recently. It was a trip to the esteemed institution of CBI. On the scheduled day students of classes XII-C and XII-D along with teachers Mrs. Beena Sri Kumar , Mr. Amit Bajaj and Mr. Sunil Patwal embarked upon the trip to the headquarter of Forensic Lab of CBI Academy, Lodhi road.

C B I central bureau of investigation, earlier known as Special Police Establishment, serves as a Criminal investigation body, National security and intelligence agency. Once inside, we were taken to CFSL and were shown different departments and were also given demonstrations of gadgets and techniques used by them in crime investigation.

There was a time when we thought that data once deleted from the hard disk or pen drive cannot be retained but we saw that the data once deleted can be retained even if it is a year old. We saw the finger print being collected and also saw lie- detection machine. We were also introduced to different types of guns and grenades. CBI gallery was one of the most interesting parts of the trip which presented the journey of CBI since its inception. We were also shown a presentation about the activities of CBI by DIG, the interaction with senior officers was focused on creating awareness about legal safeguards against corruption and exploring the ways to curb the menace of corruption in society. Small presentation was made on ill-effects of social networking sites. At the end of the day we all felt proud and lucky to see the working of BEST POLICE FORCE of India who live up to their motto i.e. INDUSTRY, IMPARTIALITY and INTEGRITY. They are loyal to their work and always work for the welfare of the country. They have solved most difficult cases like Rajiv Gandhi assassination, Mumbai blasts 1993, Bhopal gas tragedy etc.

At the end of the trip I not only felt proud of being an Indian but our hearts also were filled with resolve to contribute to the progress of nation and realize the goals of our freedom fighters.

Contributed by:
Heira Khan (XII D)
On behalf of XII C and XII D

My Message on the occasion of Deewali

Dear all

Deewali is a festival of light. The light that symbolizes knowledge, understanding and wisdom.  The light of wisdom is so powerfully penetrating that it is capable of dispelling the darkness of ignorance, depression and dejection and replacing the same with the brilliance of understanding, fellow-feeling, joviality and mutual caring and sharing.  I have never been supportive of mindless bursting of crackers without thinking least about others’ peace of mind or sometimes even ignoring the very existence of other people in our vicinity and causing a serious loss of hearing or aural impairment.  Somewhere along the line we have forgotten that true celebration of Deewali will be by bringing happiness in the life of our neighbours, friends, colleagues or fellow human beings. A simple wishing with smile on your lips and twinkle in your eyes may be more rewarding and fulfilling an experience for any one whom you offer the same.

I wish to celebrate Deewali by being with my family and spending with them some uninterrupted moments which today’s highly preoccupying life style has made a rarity.  At times, it appears that we are like a straw which is being swept away by an invisible tide of time into the ocean of bottomless depth.  Despite all these handicaps we have to prove that we have the determination and the grit to face any challenge that we come across.


My Message on the occasion of Dussehra

Dear Students,

Wish you all very happy Dussehra holidays.  These holidays are there to give you a break after a long spell of arduous efforts, monotony of class- room learning with full engagement and complete absorption in your meticulous preparation for tests and exams.

One thing which, however, has not to be allowed to sink into oblivion is your focus on your goal i.e., to make yourself a wonderful human being imbued with all social, moral, ethical and spiritual values which are going to be the core of your entire personality and which will determine how smartly you are going to fare in life.

One of the core values which is given special consideration by all and sundry is respect for elders irrespective of their social status or kind of contribution they make in our life.  In this regard, I would like to urge you on to extend respect and regards not only to the teachers but also to all the members associated with the school viz., office staff,  peons, attendants and cleanliness staff, because they all contribute in their own way to the progress of the school. This way only you can honour the dignity of labour.

Furthermore, you should also take care of the words that you speak.  Make sure that no word uttered by you hurts the feeling of someone or becomes the cause of somebody’s sorrow. The actual happiness that we experience is the one that comes by bringing a smile on the parched and dry lips of someone who has been hungry and thirsty for a kind word or a look filled with great love and affection. You may not be able to measure the ecstasy that a person,  starved of love and kindness, may feel but it will be a real reward for you.

With love and affection,
( H R Sharma )

Mutual respect to bridge generation gap

Source: Times of India 22 September 2011 (Student Edition)

Dearest Teachers... Thank You!

You are great if you can find your faults,

Greater if you can correct them,
But greatest if you can accept and love others with their faults...
Going by this or by any other definition, our dear teachers are the greatest...! They not only accept us with our faults, flaws and imperfections, and love us unconditionally, but also dedicate their lives in perfecting those imperfections... Here's wishing all our dear dearest teachers, a VERY HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY...
Letting us rise through ourselves, letting us learn though life, letting us be ourselves, and letting us find life worth living... from the known to the unknown... we have every reason to cherish the existence of our lovely teachers... Thanks a lot, teachers...
The celebration of Teachers' Day was held in our school, replete with cultural programs and heart-felt wishes. The XII Class students took up the responsibility of running the whole show. They assumed the role of teachers and managed the classes very efficiently and meticulously. They also arranged a few interesting games for the teachers like musical chair, dumb-charades and rapid fire questions etc. In the afternoon, the teachers had a special programme. They presented a Bhajan, a Ghazal and a Qauwali. They were presented with a token of appreciation by the management and PTA members. Eminent educationist Sh. Gopal Rana was the Chief Guest on this occasion. Overall it was a very exciting and entertaining day for the students and teachers.

CRPF Public School teachers added another feather to its cap. The Principal Mr. H. R. Sharma, the Vice-Principal Mrs. Uma Mudgal and the Primary in-charge Mrs. Vandana Sehgal received the best teacher’s award from the Lions Club International. The Vice-Principal also received the prestigious Dr. S. Radha Krishnan Rashtriya Samman.

Click here to view the photographs of the event.
To know more about Teachers' Day, click here or here
Also visit this link to know more about teachers' day all over the world.
Read this article also (Speech delivered by A P J Abdul Kalam)
Here's a heartfelt wish again... for our teachers... HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY... :-)
CRPF Public School


Dear All

Our school participated in an Inter–School Competition “EXPRESSIONS 2K11” hosted at MATA JAI KAUR PUBLIC SCHOOL, ASHOK VIHAR on 3 September 2011. A total of twenty one students from our school participated in eight different competitions and performed enthusiastically. It was truly a learning 
and interesting experience for all of them. The following is the list of the students who participated: –

S. No.
( poster making)
2.Muskan Kansal
       1.      Aashtha narang
       2.      Anirudh Gulati
       3.      Abhishek Mishra
(science street play)
(C++ programming)
1.Ayush chauhan
2.Gaurav  vats
      1.      Sasha Aggarwal
      2.      Shrey Arora
      3.      Madhav Mittal

(eng. Poem wriring)
1.Nikita Vashisht
2.Shruti Sethi
(classical dance)
1.Aditi Mukhi

The following students made our school proud by winning in the categories marked against their names -

S. No.
    (Hindi mono acting)
   (Business Plan Competition)
Cleared prelims and went up to top 5

We congratulate all the students on their successful participation and performance throughout the competition and hope that they will keep bringing laurels to the school in the time to come.

CRPF Public School

Celebrating Our Independence

Dear all
15th august is an auspicious day for all Indians. For over 200 years India was ruled by the Britishers. On this day as we all know that India got freedom. The whole year we talk of patriotism, love and concern for India. But this day we have a reason to feel the zeal and pride for our country. And feel lucky to have freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Raja Ram Mohan Roy etc who sacrificed their lives, their priorities for their country.

At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance ... We end today a period of ill fortune, and India discovers herself again ...... Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru
These are not mere words of Nehru ... It is an entire nation roaring, declaring and therefore celebrating its hard-earned Independence. It was a proud moment then (We wonder if we really lived up to their expectations) !

To celebrate this spirit of sacrifice and the feel of the love for country our school today celebrated Independence Day paying tribute to the nation its glory and 64 years of independence.
                                 Times of India, 18 August 2011

The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mrs.Meena K.Vijay Kumar, President, CWWA (CRPF Wives Welfare Association) and Shri S.R.Panthi, DIGP(Adm) Cum Manager of the school was the Guest of Honour. The founder Principal Shri Suraj Prakash also graced the occasion with his kind presence. The entire CRPF School family welcomed him with open heart and rejoiced his presence completely.
The function commenced with Flag Hoisting by the Chief Guest. The cultural programme commenced with the patriotic song “Himandri Tung Shring Se” presented by the School Choir.  It was followed by the welcome speech by the school Principal Shri H.R.Sharma. The guests were welcomed with saplings. The School Orchestra depicted an amalgamation of three flavours of Vande Mataram, highlighting the “the awakening of freedom, after India’s freedom and the Modern India”.  It was an indeed and enchanting experience. The tiny tots of the school presented a scintillating dance on “Let the Peace Prevail” and the pre-primary students presented “Goonj Sattawan Ki- a dance depicting the First War of Independence of 1857”. A thought provoking Hindi Skit “The Golden Owl “ was presented by the Senior students.  The play conveyed a subtle message of rampant corruption present in the society.The lively and colourful Onam dance from Kerala mesmerized the audience. 
The Chief Guest and Guest of Honour gave away prize to meritorious students for their excellence in academics and co-curricular activities. The esteemed guests went around the exhibition put up by Social Studies and Language Departments and appreciated the beautiful exhibits displayed.
The Guest of Honour in his speech appreciated and encouraged the efforts of the students.The vote of thanks was presented by the Vice Principal, Mrs.Uma Mudgal which brought the colourful ceremony to an end .

Click here to watch the Photographs of the event and also Prize distribution.

"Saare jahan se accha hindostaan hamara ,hum bulbule hai eske yeh gulsitaan hamara"
Happy Independence Day to all. JAI HIND…

CRPF Public School