Social Awareness for Sexual Violence

A lecture was   delivered by Shri Dhirendra Rana,Secretary (DLSA) on the topic Sexual Violence on 7 May 2017.
The students were made aware of the evils, wrongs in the society & how they have to be vigilant in protecting themselves. They were also made aware of Child helpline to be contacted if faced with awkward situation. The students were also asked to immediately report the matter to  parents, teachers& even peer. In today's scenario it is very important to address youngsters on the above issue, which was quite enlightening & thought provoking.

Special Assembly of Class IIB "Cleanliness to Godliness"

Class assembly was presented by class IIB on the theme ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ on 26.4.2018. Whole class sang the prayer Thank you ‘O’ God for the gift of life . The assembly commenced with  compering by Dishu Rana.The thought of the day was presented by Divyanshu on the theme ‘cleanliness’.The news headlines were presented by Saesha Aggarwal . There was 100 percent participation in the skit based on the theme of the assembly.The skit showcased the prevalent problem of muck all around. It also highlighted the consequences we witness due to it. The students passed a social message through skit that cleanliness is the responsibility of everyone and they need to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of their surroundings and themselves.

Earth Day celebrations in Pre Primary

‘Earth is our dear mother, and a great place to be, just salute it …’
‘Earth day’  was  celebrated  in Pre primary department to generate awareness among students , the  urgent need to cherish and protect  the beautiful gift that we have been given in the form of planet earth.  Various activities were taken up  for the same by the artistry club- ‘hand impressions’ by kindergarteners’,’wall hanging making ‘ by Class I and ‘fabric printing ‘ by Class II. A poster making competition was also held  for Class II on the theme ‘Save earth to save future’.Prize winners are:
 1.Parnika Yadav(2B)    l Position 
2.Shamiksha(2A)         II Position 
    Gaurav Kumar(2A)  II Position 
3 Dishu Rana (2B)   III Position 
A special assembly was held on 21st April’2018  by Class I students in which each and every student participated.The ‘earth day’ assembly began with a lively song Hari Bhari Vasundhra… by Class I C in which our little children pledged to be defender friends of the earth.It was followed by melodious presentation of poems  and an English song  by Class I B dedicated to Mother Earth. The end of the assembly was marked by a wonderful dance presentation by Class I A, leaving the message, Earth has given us everything and in return its our duty to take care of it by stopping pollution and planting trees, so that we can live on earth forever and ever.’