English Poem Recitation - Pre- Primary Department

Dear All,

English Poem Recitation was held recently for class KG Students.The result of the competition is as follows:

Outstanding Performance (K.G. A)
1. Rishik
2. Teevr Singla
Consolation Prize
1. Chhavi Jindal  Hegda
2. Aadi Shree
3. Tanisha
Outstanding Performance ( K.G. B)
1. Aayush Kumar Chauhan
2. Garima Singla
Consolation Prize
1. Sonya Khanna
2. Chaitanya Mittal
3. Varnika Mishra
Outstanding Performance (K.G. C)
1. Mitanju Lal
2. S.R. Khushi Singh
Consolation Prize
1. Aayush Rana
 2. Rudra Pratap
3. Rythm Vimal

Important Information

Dear All,

This is to inform you all that our Principal Sir, Sh. H. R. Sharma will be live on air on 23 January 2014 from 8:05 pm onward. It's an interview of Sir on the topic "Education, Teacher and Society". 
So, tune in your radio set to the following frequencies ( 246.9 Mhz on medium wave or 9425 KHz on short wave) to call up all the details.

CRPF Public School, Rohini

Important Information

Dear Parent,

This is to inform you that as school is going to conduct PSA examination on 18th January 2014 mandated by CBSE for classes IX to Xi, the school will remain closed for classes VI to VIII on 18th January as these classrooms will be used for the conduct of the exam.
A circular regarding the same was already given to the students on 16 January 2014.

Teacher Orientation Program

Dear All
In today’s changing scenario where the knowledge base is dynamic and continuously changing, it becomes imperative that parents, students and teachers are kept abreast with the latest developments in all the fields. Teacher orientation and workshops are held regularly at CRPF School, Rohini in order to help the teachers to brush up their teaching skills and enhancing their knowledge.

On 13 January 2014, speakers from diverse fields were invited in the school to address various issues related to teaching, learning, values, time management etc.

S. NO.
Prof. C. K. Saluja
Teacher, taught and curriculum: An integrated whole
Ms. Rupam Shah
Time Management
Mr. Abdul Naseeb Khan
Teacher – A Vital Factor
Dr. Gopal Rana
Problematic Children: What is the solution?
Sh. Eashaan Mahesh
Values: The essence of entire education

It was indeed a great learning experience for all the teachers.