Project : Once Upon a Time

It is very rightly said the whenever we read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light of wisdom & knowledge.Academic schedules, time table ; co-curricular routines fill up our daily regime but despite all that,listening to short stories has always been one of our favourite hobbies.To spur on this listening & speaking skill, the primary department of C.R.P.F. Public School, Rohini has initiated a project called ‘Once upon a time’. This project is a way to lend our ears to another's voice, another’s soul and slip into another’s skin.Under the guidance of our Vice Principal ma’am, Mrs. Uma Mudgal and the Co-ordinator Ma'am ,Mrs. Vandana Sehgal the idea of unfolding the lives of great personalities through short stories cropped up.When a teacher narrates a story & creates the world of imagination out of small, flat, rigid squares of paper, a new world unfolds that sings to the children and excites them to know more.This power of listening, discussing and reading more about it fuels the development of various aspects of a child. It’s importance cannot be overstated.Short stories from the lives of great scientists, sport personalities, freedom fighters, social activists will be taken up to stretch the imagination of our students & encourage them to reach out towards people who are quite different from their own.

Educational Trip to National Rail Museum

It was a day full of fun, learning and excitement when class III students went for a picnic to National Rail Museum on 9th October 2015. It was an enriching experience as the museum has a fascinating and exotic collection of over 100 real size exhibits of Indian Railways. The most exciting part was the Joy ride. Students cherished each and every moment of it.

To inculcate curiosity in students, all the class teachers gave a brief idea about the rail museum along with the printed material on the same. Also, to recollect and reinforce the facts, students were given a MCQ sheet the next day and it was discussed in the class.

Thus, we can surely say that the educational trip to National Rail Museum was enriching, refreshing and joyful.



MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT (International Mathematics Olympiad - Level 2)

                                        VOCAL DEPARTMENT

SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT (Inter House Competitions)


SCIENCE DEPARTMENT (National Science Olympiad - Level 2)

Teachers honored by Sanskrit Academy

Dear Reader,
We are feeling proud to share with all that following teachers are honored by Sanskrit Academy. 
1.     Dr. Vijay Singh
2.     Sh. Vinayak Hegde
3.     Sh. Amitosh Sharma
4.     Smt. Jutika Paladhi

Heartiest congratulations to all of them.


Workshop on Discipline for teachers

Dear Reader,
A special workshop for the teachers was conducted by Principal Ma’am Uma Mudgal. The topic was how to improve discipline in the school.
A questionnaire was also given to all the teachers to share their views, opinions and suggestions. It was a good learning experience for all the teachers.
CRPF Public School, Rohini