Dear all

March is almost here. And so is the the dreaded EXAM SEASON. While the levels of tension, stress and frustration are on an all time high, no one can deny the immense power of a simple smile and a simple 'Good luck. I know you'll do well" in curbing the exam stress! There isn't a way out of these desperate days. And there isn't really a short cut either. But the best part is that each one of us will always get to see a smiling face and will get to hear an enthusiastic 'All the best' from someone at some moment. And here we are, extending our Ex-Principal Mr. Suraj Prakash's heartiest wishes, blessings and good lucks! We received his blessings in the form of an e-mail and we happily share that with all of you:

International Mathematics Olympiad(IMO) Level-I RESULT

Dear All, 

Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)  organised  International Mathematics Olympiad(IMO) last year.
The list of rank holders is displayed here.

Click here to download the result.

All the Best.

CRPF Public School


Dear all

Don't be dismayed at goodbyes,
A farewell is necessary
Before you can meet again
And meeting again,
After moments or lifetimes,
Is certain for those who are

The word 'Farewell' has a sad note to it. Yet we commemorate this day to recollect all bygone delightful memories. Today was a day in history of CRPF when our present principal Mrs. Meenu Tiwari for the first time bid farewell to class XII by organizing a ritual of havan. The day began with a cheerful environment and enthusiasm. The students of the junior wing were seated, and the students of class X and XII were on the stage performing the sacred ritual. The Pandit Ji was chanting beautiful mantras which spread peace and harmony. Hawan purifies the soul and relaxes the mind. The hawan basically aimed at spreading best of luck wishes for students appearing in board examinations this year.

At about 1 pm, the students of class XII started coming, beautifully dressed, ready to revel the last day of their school lives. The hosts of the event (Shrey, Sonali and Aarti) welcomed the guests by some giggling jokes. This was followed by singing performance by Shrey Arora and Rajni. Titles were given to the students depending on their nature. After the titles of 12th-A, the girls of XI C performed a stunning Punjabi Folk dance which was followed by a Hip Hop dance performance by the boys of XI D.

Click here to download the photographs of the event.

Again, after the titles of 12th-B, it was the turn to give away the Titles of Mr. and Miss CRPF. A competition was conducted in which selected students were called upon. Almas Hussain bagged the title of Miss CRPF and Anshuman Kumar bagged that of Mr. CRPF. Deepak Wali - became “The Gentleman of the Evening” while Shaily Joshi became “The Lady of the Evening”. After the titles of 12th- C, a group of boys and girls of XI A and B enthralled all with their splendid dance performance “Musical Journey”. Finally, students of 12th-D were given the titles.

In the end, our Principal, Mrs. Meenu Tiwari bade goodbye to the moving on batch of Class XII and showered blessings as well as loads of good luck for their board exams and their lives ahead. Having faith and confidence in the teachings it has imparted, the CRPF Family said bye bye to yet another bunch of grown up flowers, hoping that they will be well received by the world and that they will keep spreading fragrance wherever they go. Of course, the dancing session was the cherry on the cake! Everybody danced their hearts out till their last breath on the soil of this institution.

With smiles and tears, hopes and aspirations, dreams and convictions, these children (now grown ups!) of CRPF take on this world with everything they received from this institution.

And hence, the show goes on...

CRPF Public School


Dear All

“It’s that time of the year

 when we’ve got to cheer
so that you may forget all fear
and come together whether far or near.”

A special invitation being sent for all our dear class XII students, on the occasion of “FAREWELL” on 11 February 2011 from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm in the school premises. Kindly be there on time and make it an occasion to remember for your lifetime.

It is also to invite Class X and XII students to the HAWAN to render good wishes for their forthcoming board examinations at 8:00 am (normal school time) on the school stage on the same day – 11 February 2011. 

Wish you all a very good luck...

CRPF Public School 

Thanks Isn't Enough For You...

Dear Anjali Ma'am
Don't be dismayed at goodbyes.
A farewell is necessary before you can meet again.
And meeting again after moments is certain.
For those who are friends.
A friend, a wise leader, a systematic person, a mentor, a teacher noted and praised, Mrs. Anjali Malik, our Vice Principal is one of those who would never be forgotten. Though she is moving on, but her footprints will be well respected for years to come. Everybody who has spent substantial time with her and shared cordial relations will agree that she has taken life as a challenge. Some people judge their lives on what they do, others on who they are. While Mrs. Anjali Malik has always enriched herself on both.

Click here to download these photos.
She has always come up with innovative ideas, something different and something exciting. As the Head Of The Department Of Mathematics, she initiated the Maths Lab with the help and full support of her colleagues. For her keen desire to integrate technology with class-room teaching, she was elected to visit schools in Australia by AAMT (Australian Association Of Maths Teachers) to introduce the concept of teaching mathematics through Graphic Calculators in May 2001.
She was honoured with Dr.S.Radhakrishnan Rashtriye Shikshak Sammaan in 2007 for her contributions in the field of Maths education by the All India Association of Journalists and Writers.
She has presented papers in Lady Shri Ram College, interactive programme on Delhi Aaj Tak, involved in CBSE and NCERT in preparing maths activities, papers etc.
The credit of introducing House functions in our school also goes to her.
Her energy and enthusiasm is very inspiring. She has shared difficult times and joyous moments with us. She has been a valuable asset to this institution and everybody associated with it. Her oratory skills has spell bound all of us many a times. Without a doubt, her tinkling laughter and infectious beautiful smile has lighted up our days. We admire her perseverance to pursue her long term goals despite hardships.
This moment may be crucial for you, you might have to alter a few things, face new challenges. And we all wish you luck in all your future endeavors. Words would never be able to replace our feelings for you. You will always possess a special place in our hearts.
May flowers always line up your path
And sunshine light your days.
May songbirds serenade your every step
Along the way.
May rainbow run beside you in a sky
Thats always blue
And may happiness fill your heart each day
Your whole life through...

- By the teaching staff
And others.

Dear All,

It was a normal day for the students of CRPF, till we came to know that our respected Vice Principal Ma’am was to be bid farewell today. The moment our Principal announced about the last day of Mrs. Anjali Malik ma’am in the school we were very disappointed. Ma’am was truly a source of inspiration and knowledge for us. She spent 13 years in our school working at different levels. She was the one who introduced house system in our school for the first time. Firstly as PGT Math’s she with great vigor luminated our life with her extraordinary skill in the field of mathematics. Three years back she came to the position of Vice Principal of our school and her presence made the school decorum a better place. Being the Former captain of Shaurya House she contributed a lot for the school and her house. She played an important role in the upliftment of the school. Though she was already bidden a farewell from the faculty, but today we the students presented her a token of gratitude to receive her blessings. Truly ma’am “THANKS” will not be enough for the contribution you made. It is a true privilege for us to be under her supervision. No doubt we will miss her presence in the school but life is to move on. We wish her all the best for her life and congratulate her for the new beginnings!

E-club also wishes Mrs. Anjali Malik a very happy and prosperous life ahead :)

CRPF Public School