Various Activities held in Primary Department

Mango Mania
(A festival organized by class V students in the Herbal garden.)
Date : 16/7/12 ( Monday)

Come summer and we all become mango maniacs, no wonder it is called the King of Fruits. The project was given to students during vacations to find out various facts on mango .They gathered information from net, local fruit sellers, their elders and also few of them visited mango festival held in Dilli Haat, Pitampura. The project enriched the children with various varieties of mango such as langda, chousa, safeda, dusheri, dinga, alphonso. The aim of the project was to make them aware about the places where mango is cultivated in India & abroad, climate suitable for its growth, nutritive value & medicinal/ religious, uses of mango tree, bark & leaves.

They also learnt to make numerous dishes made up of raw & ripe mango & relished them. During the project children made attractive files where they pasted leaves, bark and their tracings. They also made banners to give an oral presentation on the topic of their choice.
At the end of the programme children along with Principal Sir ; teachers presented the mango saplings to the school gardener which they had grown during vacations. The whole project was very fruitful & joyful. It was a great learning experience for the children.

Tell a tale
Workshop on “Story Telling”
An hour long workshop on “ Story Telling” was organized for students of class IV and V on May 4, 2012. To make them more creative in the dramatic narration of the story, the resource person used every tool she had got with her- the tool of her voice, her body language and the creative mind. She was able to enter the world of that particular age group she was telling to and put those priorities, feelings and concerns into the story telling. To empower the participants and to add spice to this process students were encouraged to make suggestions about what happens next and then incorporating those suggestions in the story. Discussion after story telling allowed students to express their understanding of the metaphors, symbols used in the story. Our young listeners of class IV & V participated with dynamic attention and gave constructive feedback in the end. On the whole it was a wonderful beginning of the new session which is going to be full of creative assignments, interactions, projects and activities.

Social Science
An activity related to the chapter –‘Seasons’ of Social Science, had been done in Class –III. Children were asked  to prepare and bring pictures of festivals, food, clothes of their favourite season and to speak a few lines on it. The purpose of this activity was well fulfilled when they shared their thoughts and experiences with their classmates. They all learnt about the seasonal changes. All the children participated enthusiastically and expressed their views well. The diversity in Indian culture was well reflected through this activity.

Math Lab Activity
Date : 19/7/12
To understand and reinforce the concept of HCF , students of class V did “JODO Blocks Activity”. Students were divided into groups of four and each group was given a pair of numbers and JUDO blocks. They used these blocks to find out the HCF of the numbers. Students enjoyed working in groups and completed the activity successfully. Solution of each pair of numbers was discussed in class and confirmed with the respective groups too.

One Minute Talk Show
Children from classes IV & V participated in One Minute Talk Show Activity on 12th July 2012. The  topics given were: Nutrients and Renewable Sources of Energy, Children were supposed to enact on any one of these along with proper costumes & Props. Students were judged on the basis of content, costume, confidence and overall presentation. Students participated with great zeal and vigour. The result was as follows:
                                              Class IV
Tanya                            IV-C           I Position
Cheshta                         IV-C           II Position
Harshit Rao                   IV-B           III Position
Mehak Kansal              IV-C           Consolation
Upasana                        IV-B           Consolation

                                   Class V
 Shubranshu                 V-C            I Position
Shruti Mishra               V-C            II Position
Twishi                          V-C            III Position        
Akshat  &             V-D            Consolation
Anushka                      V-C            Consolation       


Dear All

A teacher or a guru is the one who shows the right path and enlightens her students. CRPF public school was facilitated by one such teacher, MS. SHWETA ARORA who joined the school in the year 2001 and graced the faculty of English by her presence. But to pursue her higher education, she has resigned from the school. 
Her amiable personality, friendly disposition and caring nature won many a hearts. Her lively and vibrant way of teaching made classroom learning easy and very interesting. She will always remain an asset not only to the English department but to the entire institution. She has created a void and will therefore be missed by one and all. We wish her all the best for her future and hope she achieves her goals.
All the best …. Adieu!!

Here are few lines dedicated to you ma’am-

For some, you may be the candle
But for me, you are the light
That showed me how to handle
Even the daunting without fright

For some, your eyes may be warm
But for me, they are bright
They showed me the right platform
Leading me to a greater height

For some, you may be a teacher
But for me, you are an angel
And angel whom I’ll never forget
But for now, it is ‘farewell’.
(Poem contributed by Sasha Agarwal of XII D)

CRPF Public School

Shortlisted Students for the Post of Head Boy & Head Girl

Dear All

Following students are shortlisted for phase II for the election of Head Boy and Head Girl.

Head Boy

  1. Prasad B. Mohite
  2. Rahul Sharma
  3. Akshay Bisht
  4. Tushar Chakrabarty
  5. Nishant

Head Girl

  1. Sasha Agarwal
  2. Pragya
  3. Anuradha
  4. Madhumita Sarkar
  5. Vasundhara

II phase will be held on 17th July, 2012 (Tuesday). 3 questions will be put to each shortlisted student in this phase. From this phase 3 students will be shortlisted from  each category.

Final round that is general elections  comprising the electorate from classes VI to XII and the teachers teaching classes VI to XII will be held on 20th July, 2012(Friday).

All the best…

CRPF Public School