Janamashtmi celebrations

Dear Reader,
To celebrate the birthday of ‘makhan chor’, our dear Lord Krishna, a special assembly was held by Pre Primary children. Children came dressed up in traditional attire as Krishna, Radha  and his cohorts.
A handi was hung and children sang different songs based on the occasion. Their melodious renditions filled up the air. The dance performance by these little angels was a sight to behold.
CRPF Public School, Rohini

Independence Day celebrations and annual exhibition- Pre Primary Department

Dear Reader,
To celebrate the spirit of Independence , the children of Pre-Primary held a special assembly on its eve. Children came dressed up as characters portraying different freedom fighters and showcased their talent   by speaking about the character they were dressed up as. The choir sung by these little brave hearts reverberated the air with its melody. Afterwards they exhibited their skill of kite flying. On the  D day they had  put up a beautiful exhibition on the theme ‘ 3 R’s: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse’ dedicated to Mr. Nek Chand, the creator  of rock garden at Chandigarh.
It was a pleasure to see the ‘little hands at work’  under the  guidance of their teachers and  with the support of  the Principal ,Mrs.Uma Mudgal and Incharge  Ms. Hema Batra. They also presented a wonderful skit on what freedom means for them. The visiting officials were enthralled by their performance and the exhibitis on display and their  sincere and  generous  compliments were a morale  booster for both the students as well as teachers. To express their gratitude, the little ones presented few craft items prepared by them to  the Chief guest, the school manager DIG Ma’am Ms. Kulshrestha.

CRPF Public School, Rohini

Teacher Orientation Program held on 17 Sep 2015

Dear Reader,
In today’s changing scenario where the knowledge base is dynamic and continuously changing, it becomes imperative that parents, students and teachers are kept abreast with the latest developments in all the fields. Teacher orientation and workshops are held regularly at CRPF School, Rohini in order to help the teachers to brush up their teaching skills and enhancing their knowledge.
On 17 September 2015, various teachers of the school itself took workshops to address various issues related to teaching, learning, values, ICT, Discipline etc.

S. NO.
    Mrs. Uma Mudgal
i/c Principal           
POSCO ACT- PPT Presentation
Mrs. Beena Srikumar
Role of Examination
Dr. Anju Dwivedi
Mr. Surjan Singh
Transactional Analysis
Mrs. Meena Narang
Positive Thinking
Mr. Amit Bajaj
Role of ICT in Education
Mrs. Amarjit K. Sandhu
Effective Communication Skills
Dr. Vijay K. Singh           
p`BaavaI iSaxaNa p(ato 
Mrs. Vandana Sehgal   
How to make Discipline Effective in School?
Ms. Hema Batra
How  to make Children more friendly with teachers?

It was indeed a great learning experience for all the teachers.

Teacher’s Day Celebrations 2015


Pre-Primary Department

Rakhi Making Competition (class – I)

Class l- A
1. Divyang Tiwari
2. Armaan
3.Dushyant Singh
Class l-B
1. Deepanshi
2. Shubham Dalal
3. Mohd. Iqbal
Class l-C
1. Himani Gautam
2. Hanukrit Singh Jaggi
3. Naman Ahlawat
Class ll-A
1. Sanskriti Verma
2. Aadishree
3. Gargi
Class ll-B
1. Mannat Sharma
2. Aviral Chowdhary
3. Shaurya Pratap Singh
Class ll-C
1. Pratyush Singh
2. Kangana
3. Deeya Rana

Coloring competition (class KG ) held on 31/8/15

KG - A
3-Dhani Bhatia
4-Dev Sharma (consolation)
KG - B
1- Garima Mehra
2- Divya
3- Bhushra Sheikh
4- Sonakshi Singh (consolation)
KG - C
1- Aarav Solanki
2- Reedhan
3- Hariyanka
4- Rakshit (consolation)
5- Rudraksh (consolation)

Primary Department Activities and Achievements

Chiraj Gahlot participated in Go MAD, Make and AD Competition held on 31st July at Shah International School.
Zoya Parveen of V-B participated in poem with a difference held on 22nd August at GD Goenka Public School.
Siddharth Shankar of V-A participated in the finals of 8th SOF. He is awarded this certificates in recognition of his excellent performance. He has got 178 rank in Zonal .
Siddharth Shankar of V-A participated in finals of 17th SOF. He got certificate for excellent performance. He has got 103 rank in Zonal.
Akshara Nambiar participated in 17th SOF. She got certificate for her excellent performance. She got 96 rank in Zonal.

Primary Department

Hindi Story Telling Competition for classes III, IV & V was orgainsed on 27th , 28th and 31st of August  2015. Students narrated moral value based stories using props. The result of the competition is:
Class III:
Ist                       Abhinav                     III-C
II nd                   Priyanshu                  III-B
IIIrd                       Maitreyi                     III-A
                           Aashna                      III-C
Consolation     Mathew                      III-A
                          Hridey                        III-C
Class IV:
Ist                       Sameera                     IV-A
                             Vrinda                        IV-A
II nd                    Deepanshu                 IV-C
IIIrd                    Sarthak                      IV-B    
Consolation       Bhavishya                 IV-A
                                 Panshul                       IV-C
Class V :
Ist                       Ananya                       V-B   
II nd                  Karman                      V-A
IIIrd                   Ananya                       V-C
                            Bhavika                      V-D              
Consolation     Srishti                         V-A
                             Mukul                        V-B