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Well, we got another reason for which you can be proud of your school and your schoolmates as well. Want to know what's this buzz is all about? Without much ado, we would like to tell you about this brave and responsible initiative taken up by 16 students of our school under Project Citizen to understand the causes, difficulties, and remedies for the mushroom growth of slums in India.

Under the able guidance of Mrs. Meena Narang and Mrs. Ritu David, these future citizens of India from Class IX carried out extensive research by the means of field trips to slums and hence, interviewing the under-privileged residents of slums. After documenting all the data, they participated in a competition in Ramjas School, where they bagged the 'Most Meritorious Team Award'. They also got Project Citizen T-shirts, certificates and a trophy. Congratulations friends...And you know what's the icing on the cake! They became some of those few lucky students who met the iconic, none other than India's 1st Lady IPS officer Dr. Kiran Bedi. Now that's called a privilege. Oh! we skipped the names of these meritorious students. Here they are - Sahil, Ashvini, Akshay, Ahana, Luv, Ajinkya, Kriti, Richa, Aarti, Akshat, Gargi, Joshika, Mrinal, Madhav, Kartikeya and Sarvesh.Hats off to these sensitive citizens of tommorrow...

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