Primary inter class (3-5) throw ball match held from 18.4.16 to 29.4.16. All sections of primary wing participated in this competition. From each section 12 students participated in boys and girls category. Students showed good performance and team spirit.

First position holder teams are:-
Class - III
Boys - III B
Girls - III A
Class - IV
Boys - IV A
Girls - IV B
Class - V
Boys - V B
Girls - V B

                   Primary Department
On 9 May 2016, the students of class IV , V participated in Inter – School competition held at Vikas Bharti Public School, Rohini .
The following students participated the same:-
1.      Maitri                      IV – B
2.     Vrinda Sharma          V –B
3.     Ojawit                       V- B
4.     Daksh Showkeen       V- B
5.     Prakhar                     V-B

The Children enacted an Indian Folk Tale under the title " 99 " which gave the message leaving greed and promoting education for all. The overall performance was appreciated by the judges and the audiences.


CRPF Public School, Rohini celebrated the International Labour Day on 2nd May 2016.

The occasion was marked to salute respectfully to the workers of the organization.

A combined assembly of Pre-Primary and Primary Department was held. The program started with morning prayers.

Our talented student Md. Kalam of class V-B then presented a speech on Labour Day highlighting the significance behind the celebration .then the choir group presented a ‘Thank You’ song for all the ‘ aayahas’ of Pre-Primary and Primary Department followed by a poem recital by a student of Pre-Primary.

All the 5 aayahas were graciously thanked by the Junior Head Boy (Harsh Verma) and the Junior Head Girl ( Vrinda Sharma) of class V. The aayahas were presented gifts as a gesture of thanks giving to conclude the celebration.

Primary Department had investiture ceremony with enthusiasm and zeal. This formal ceremony began with the introduction of class prefects. They expressed themselves on the school ideologies they stand for Class prefects, Head Boy (Harsh Verma), Head Girl (Vrinda Sharma) and the other prefects of the council were honoured with badges by the Principal. The student council took the pledge to hold the school motto in high esteem. Our newly elected student council took an oath to be true to their posts and duties assigned to them. They promised that they would carry out their duties with integrity, faith and excellence. School Principal ,Mrs. Nidhi Chaudhary, stressed on the significance of setting priorities and aiming high. She also talked about the need to become more focused in their goals and to inculcate leadership quality to become a better person in life.

Incharge , Primary Department, Mrs. Vandana Sehgal reminded them that with position comes responsibility towards themselves and towards their school and peers.

Every child who obtained leadership roles felt proud and responsible citizen.  

POST                             NAME OF STUDENT              CLASS

JUNIOR HEAD BOY               HARSH VERMA                5-B

JUNIOR HEAD GIRL              VRINDA SHARMA             5-B

                                               ANUSHKA YADAV            5-C
                                               RYAN                               5-D

CLEANLINESS                      BHAVISHYA BHOMIK          5-A
PREFECTS                           RISHABH SOOD                 5-C
                                             KARTAR KAUR                   5-D

                                             DAKSH SHOKEEN              5-B
                                             MILLI AGGARWAL              5-B

ART                                       SHYAM SRIVARDHAN        5-C
                                              GAURAV DRALL                5-A
                                              PRERNA VALECHA            5-C

ASSEMBLY                           NIMISHA                              5-C
                                              JIYA SHARMA                     5-D
                                              PARIDHI                              5-B

ACADEMIC                            AKSHARA N. NAMBIAR      5-A
                                              SPARSH SALWAN             5-C
                                               RUCHI                               5-C