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In an endeavor to bring about the much-needed change in the education policy in India, CBSE has introduced CCE i.e. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation in schools for classes IX and X. This new evaluation system aims at identifying and promoting the hidden talents in the children and hence shifts the focus from 'just' academics to the overall development of a child. Magnificent efforts are required to be put in while bringing about a change. And in our school too, teachers are taking great pains to leave no stones unturned while contributing for a hopefully, successful run of CCE.

In a bid to create general and specific awareness for the same among students, a workshop was conducted in our school on 24th July 2010 Saturday , where our Vice Principal Mrs Anjali Malik and our Math teacher Mr. Amit Bajaj discussed about CCE. What are its implications ? Can we develop faith in this new change ?  Parents were made  aware about its various aspects and changes in the present educational system and  what is their  role is in helping their ward . Hoping everything goes well , school will organize many such workshops to build confidence of everybody  in the new changes.


Indian Currency Finally Gets Its Very Own Sign!

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The Indian Government has finally presented to the public of India, the INDIAN RUPEE SIGN on 15 July 2010. A currency sign is a graphic symbol often used as a shorthand for a currency's name. And most currencies in the world have no specific symbol.

On 5 March 2009 the Indian Government announced a contest to create a symbol for the Indian rupee.During the Union Budget 2010 Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee mentioned that proposed symbol would reflect and capture the Indian ethos and culture. The symbol created by Indian Institutes of Technology alumnus D Udaya Kumar was selected as the official sign for the currency of India.

The new symbol is a blend of the Devanagari "र" and the Roman capital "R" without the stem. The parallel lines at the top (with white space between them) make an allusion to the tricolor Indian flag and also depict an equality sign which symbolizes the nation's desire to reduce economic disparity.The Indian government will try to adopt the symbol within six months in the country and globally within 18 to 24 months. Prior to this, the most commonly used symbols for the rupee have been Rs., Re. or रू.

To know more, click here or here.

We sign off on a proud note (after all, our country finally has a currency sign now!) ...

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Students Sharing Their Summer Experiences!

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Recently, Nitin Agrawal, a student of Class XI of our school and Gunjan Jain (Batch 2009-2010) were selected to participate in the INVITING ALL YOUNG MINDS (IAYM-2010), a summer internship programme organised by the Mathematical Sciences Foundation in the month of June. Following is what they wish to share with all of us:

I on being selected had the pleasure to participate in an internship programme organized by Mathematical Sciences Foundation at The Air Force School, Subroto Park , supported by Department of Science and Technology ( DST) and National Mission on Bamboo Application (NMBA) between 1st June to 29th June 2010.

The programme, particularly my project aimed at innovative use of Bamboo to build mathematical & scientific tools and teaching aids owing to it renewability, sustainability, abundant supply etc. Besides our seven teaching aids namely B-anglometer (Bamboo anglo meter) , Fricto meter, Xylophone , Bapult , Geomkit, gears and Bambal instrumental in explaining concepts associated with trigonometry &heights and distances , frictional forces, musical frequency, law of conservation of energy & projectile motion , properties of polygons, working of gears and linear equations respectively we proposed a Bamboo bus shelter offering comfortable seating & protection which was equipped with modern day facilities.

During the course of the internship we also had morning lecture session with Dr Sanjeev Agrawal, Professor, MSF and Associate Professor, St. Stephen's College and Dr. Amber Habib, Professor, MSF on out of the box applications and understanding of Maths. Moreover we had lecture sessions with Dr. Arijit Mukhopadhyay , Professor IGIB and Dr. Geetha Venketraman , Associate Professor, St. Stephen's College. Also we had the pleasure of interacting with Mr. Sam Pitroda, Advisor to the Prime Minister of India and Dr. Jeff Morgan, Professor, University of Houston, and Dr. Dinesh Singh , Director, University of Delhi South Campus.

We had closing ceremony after the presentations on 29th June and we were presented with some nice books and stipend of Rs. 5000 on successful completion of the programme. It was an immensely great experience attending the programme and would have the memories and experiences preserved forever in my memory stick.

Nitin Agrawal

From June 1 till June 29, I found myself totally engrossed in the IAYM 2010, working or rather appreciating the beauty of maths with some of the most crazy (about maths!) people I ever found! With some unexpected twists in the tale, I was finally given the project of my choice i.e. Mathematical Biology! Since I had both maths and biology as my main subjects in Class XII, I was very curious to find out what lies in between the both! And I was completely awed by what I found and learned throughout the programme!

Under our mentor, our group of 5 (initially 6!), applied linear algebra and statistics to genetic data to differentiate populations and their response to disease. Besides our main project, we also worked for what was called 'Mathematical Communication' Project in which, we were given a topic of Class X. We were supposed to teach the topic in the most interactive and conducive way we could on the day of final presentation. Also, we were asked to prepare a Question Bank of our own questions for the same topic! 

The mornings were marked by lectures of eminent and interesting personalities like Dr. Sanjeev Aggrawal and Dr. Amber Habib. Bonus sessions with intellectuals from various other walks of life like Mr. Sam Pitroda, Dr. Dinesh Singh and Dr. Arijit Mukhopadhyaya made it all the more worth cherishing!

On the final day of presentations, our group managed to pull off a decent performance by presenting what all we did during the month long internship. We were awarded a (precious) merit certificate along with a stipend of Rs.5000/- and some lovely books. Needless to mention, I am now missing the pace we had at IAYM. Like all good things, it did come to an end but only after imparting fantastic education and gifting equally fantastic memories too!

Gunjan Jain

It's great to know about such interesting activities of the students of our school. If you also wish to share your experiences with us, mail us on . If found suitable, we would love to post it on the blog for all to read and appreciate! Till next time, we wish good luck to everyone for everything.

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Dr Tathagat Tulsi, 22, becomes Professor Tulsi at IIT Bombay

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He completed high school at the age of 9, had a B.Sc at 10, an M.Sc in Physics at 12, and a PhD in Quantum Computing from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, at 21. In 2003, Time named him among the world's seven most gifted youngsters. Now, at age 22, Patna-born prodigy Tathagat Avtar Tulsi has become possibly the youngest assistant professor at IIT.
Tulsi will teach Physics at IIT Bombay from July 19, having chosen the institute over Waterloo University, Canada, and the Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER), Bhopal, both of which had offered him jobs.
"I turned down Waterloo despite an impressive pay package because I do not want to go abroad now," Tulsi told The Indian Express over the phone from Patna. "My dream is to set up a lab focused on quantum computation in India, and one day help develop a largescale quantum computation-based supercomputer. IIT Bombay offers me these possibilities."
IIT Bombay confirmed that Tulsi is set to join its faculty. In an appointment letter sent on June 30, IIT Bombay Director Prof Devang V Khakar informed Tulsi that the institute's Board of Governors was pleased to offer him assistant professorship on contract at the Department of Physics.
Hailed early as a wonder boy, Tulsi suffered humiliation in August 2001 when a delegation of scientists taken by the Department of Science & Technology to Lindau in Germany for an interaction with Nobel laureates, suggested that he was a "fake prodigy" who had "mugged up" jargon which he spouted unthinkingly.
A hurt Tulsi went into a shell for several years. He returned to news this February after he became the youngest holder of a PhD in India.
"Back then it hurt a lot. But I have put the humiliation behind me, and now feel that I have achieved something. I am very happy to join an IIT as faculty. I am looking forward to teaching and research," Tulsi said.

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