Dear all

You are great if you can find your faults,
Greater if you can correct them,
But Greatest  if you can accept and love others with their faults...

Going by this or by any other definition, our dear teachers are the greatest...! They not only accept us with our faults, flaws and imperfections, and love us unconditionally, but also dedicate their lives in perfecting those imperfections... Here's wishing all our dear dearest teachers, a VERY HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY...

Letting us rise through ourselves, letting us learn though life, letting us be ourselves, and letting us find life worth living... from the known to the unknown... we have every reason to cherish the existence of our lovely teachers... Thanks a lot, teachers...

The celebrations of Teachers' Day were held on 4 September in our school, complete with cultural programs and heart-felt wishes... Check out the photographs of the same by clicking here.

Here's a heartfelt wish again... for our teachers... HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY... :-)

CRPF Public School