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                   Today, Fire fighting day was celebrated across the country. Twenty five schools from 6 different districts of Delhi were selected to conduct the mock for fire fighting and to our privilege, our school was one of them. In the morning itself we were briefed about the various steps to be kept in mind while the mock is on. A human controlled fire was created in the school premises itself around 11:35 am and the resulting fire alarm broke off, and we all were instructed to evacuate the building as soon as possible. Different classes were allotted with different routes to exit and assemble in the school ground. Basic aim of this mock drill was to create awareness amongst students and staff in case a natural calamity or a fire breaks off and we all were instructed not to panic during these critical situations. Different teams of teachers were formed and allotted the task to make sure that all students escape the building safely, and causalities (if any) are properly looked after. Finally we all reached the ground safely, and were introduced to different equipments used to extinguish fire. The people from fire department made us aware of the things to be kept in mind while dealing with these equipments and also gave us a demo. These things were of great importance and we hope to have such mock drills in future. All in all, it was a step forward to deal with such hazards and avoid turning them into potential disasters!
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Dear All,

Hope this New Year brings loads of reasons for you to smile. Well, this post of ours is exclusively dedicated to the cause of our resolution of 'Always Being Connected!' through the Alumni Meet that the school plans to organize for all its Alumni and ex-teachers. We hope YOU are there with us in this endeavor!

The Alumni Meet will be held on Sunday, 30 January 2011. The decided duration of the meet extends from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We host the event in the school premises itself. The school intends to charge Rs. 300 as the Alumni Registration/event fee. The last date of registration is 25 January 2011.

And hence, we invite ALL of you to join us in a celebration. And by 'ALL', we really mean all of you... all the members of the CRPF Family... all the former teachers, alumni and just everyone who was once associated with the school. Let's come together once again and say cheers to life. Let's steal another reason to smile from our preoccupied lives. It's Party Time, after all.
You can come along with your spouse.
For further details and clarifications you may contact:
Ms. Nidhi Chaudhary (Ph 9250339995)/
Ms Alok Mishra (Ph 9968044794) /
Ms Anuradha Gulati (Ph 9910739222)
School's Contact Number(s): 27562305, 27567642
School’s E-mail id:

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