Dear Readers,
“ Parenting is a sanctified journey of bearing , rearing  and cultivating a soul  bestowed by the almighty to his guardians “ . A soul which has to be nurtured with unconditional love , faith, abundance , patience , harmony, good education and acceptance.  Often parents are inundated with a very common question about the best parenting methods but I always say, parenting is not based on methodologies moreover it is an art, the way you paint your canvas  the more alluring it turn out to be . But mother and father have a distinct role to play in upbringing of a child .
                   “ Mother ” should  always play a role of  a “guru” who always enlightens others by showing a ray of hope. As an infant grows in the bosom of his mother’s warmth, he  passes various stages of development  which yields his cognitive, social, emotional , physical and spiritual growth. The  formative years  crop multiple questions in the impressionable mind of the young  child and it is the duty of the mother to clear his false line of thinking which in turn purifies his mind . By doing this she imperceptibly  reorganize  the  pattern of thinking for the child  and act as a catalyst .
“Father” brings unique contributions to the job of  parenting  a child that no one else  can replicate. Father  can  cultivate qualities like tolerance , obligation , bravery , friendship , humanity , independence , truthfulness, which lays the foundation of homogeneous adulthood.
To sum up a golden rule for all the parents :
लालयेत् पञ्च वर्षाणि दश वर्षाणि ताडयेत् / प्राप्ते तु षोडशे वर्षे पुत्रं मित्रवदाचरेत् //
Treat  a  child like  a king upto  five years of age because  he  is not self dependent  and lacking in his judgement skills. These exploratory years must be filled with unconditional love and availability of the parent  round the clock  for his child.  The next  ten years  should  be the educational  years of your child where you instilled moral values , appropriate social behavior, and basic life skills  rather than focusing on his academic skills  only because this  is the period when you are turning a child into a  being with his unique identity and  personality by giving him the values of life as an  incalculable gift . And by the fifteenth  year , make him  your best  friend by blooming trust , understanding , effective communication and strong interpersonal relationship  to win the challenges of parenting. This is the crucial stage of growing up  when a child is turning into a teenager  dealing  with all  the changes in his internal and external world . This phase requires  a  uniform monitoring and parents must act as a shell to protect their teenagers from  the negative emotions and toxic thoughts.
Parenting is loving your children unconditionally and helping in their self actualization.
Happy Parenting.
Shilpa Chawla



Dear Readers,
Rejection simply means “non acceptance". Children during their journey of self actualization and self growth encounters inevitable negative feelings like disappointment, being rejected, ignored, cheated and defeated. Being rejected by the significant others and from the influential life events, may damage the" psyche" of the child. Sometimes, rejection can be consciously or unconsciously thrown upon the child by his peer group, teachers, parents and significant others during his life span. At the subtle level its impact on the child’s growth is not highly magnitude but yes at its core it sometimes hinders the growth of the child by dragging him into the cage of negative self image and poor self concept. When rejection is not much elevated, it can be tackled by the child through introspection where he learns from his mistakes and by knowing the factors responsible behind his failure but in few cases its being  observed that it lowers the coping strategies of the child to get fit into the demands and challenges of his immediate environment. It may disturb the equilibrium of the child’s inner world where his projection about himself always lies as a” superhero “. Rejection directly attacks the self esteem of the child, making him venerable to improve upon himself because he is already occupied with negative and irrational thoughts pertaining to his personality and image. So the consensus is “we should use our words wisely” .Rejection should be presented in a closed envelope for the benefit of the child. A child should always get respect for his identity, integrity and sovereignty. But in today’s transitory era of growth where a child always has to perform must equipped himself with the art of dealing with rejection in an effective and wise manner. Parents, teachers and other care takers can use these below listed tips to deal effectively with the child who is being rejected and feeling miserable.
·        Social rejection should be flaccid by raising the self esteem of the child where the care taker has to form a therapeutic alliance with the child and understand his weaknesses and strengths. He must help beef up his self esteem.
·        Ponder upon his accomplishments which in turn gave him self confidence and acceptance.
·        Help them to encounter their experience – this will help the child to integrate their feelings and think in a better logical approach.
·         If they have fallen down, help them to rise up. Failure is an excellent learning experience .Validate their experience. This will help them to resolve their inner conflicts and acknowledge their strength.
·        Positive self talk should be taught to the children, so in a way they feel positive.
·        Teach them the simple mantra “if you fail try again, if you try you will succeed”. Teach them resiliency despite failure.
·        Help to promote self efficacy within them so that they can know their feelings and intervene them with the self evolved techniques and lead from the front.
·         Help them to take charge of their life, make them proactive.
Shilpa Chawla



Last date for registration is 18 October 2016.

Orchestra and Group Song Competition
Date: 09/09/16

Dear Readers,

Primary Department of CRPF Public School, Rohini conducted inter class orchestra and group song competition on 09.09.16.
Students of 5th class performed whole heartidly.
It was judged by Mr. Amitosh Sharma., H.O.D., Music Deptt.
         Result Orchestra Competition                         
          1. 5-A      Ist Position                                    
2. 5-B       IInd Position                               
3. 5-D     IIIrd Position   
Group Song Competition
1. 5-C         Ist Position   
2. 5-D        IInd Position  
3. 5-A        IIIrd Position      

Alok Ma'am conferred with teaching excellence award

Dear Readers,
CRPF Public School teachers added another feather to its cap.  Mrs. Alok Mishra Ma’am received Dr. Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan Memorial National Teacher Award.  It was a token of sincere appreciation and recognition of her contribution towards education.

The award was given to her in the presence of Mr. Goel, speaker Delhi Vidhan Sabha, MP Mr. Udit Raj, ex-education minister Mr. Yogananda Shastri, Mrs. Sehenaz Hussain and Mr. Dayanand Vats.
We at CRPF School family are extremely delighted that her contribution towards meritorious services rendered in educational field is acknowledged.
Heartiest Congratulations to Ma’am!
CRPF Public School, Rohini


Dear Readers,
The celebration of Teachers’ Day was held in the school on 5 September 2016. The class XII students took up the responsibility of running the whole show. They assumed the role of teachers and managed the classes VI - VIII very efficiently and meticulously.
In the afternoon, the teachers had a special programme (including Tambola and Pacing the parcel  etc) arranged in the Hotel Oasis, Pitam Pura. The teachers who completed 25 years (Dr. Anju Dwivedi) and 15 years (Mr. Amit Bajaj and Mr. Digvijay Singh Rawat) of their service in the school were honoured by the Principal ma’am Mrs. Nidhi Chaudhary and the PTA members.  All the teachers were presented with a token of appreciation by the PTA members.

CRPF Public School teachers added another feather to its cap.  Mrs. Alok Mishra Ma’am received Dr. Sarvapalli RadhaKrishnan Memorial National Teacher Award.
Overall it was a very exciting and entertaining day for the students and teachers.
Here's a heartfelt wish again... for our teachers... HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY... :-)
Click the following links to view the photographs of the celebration.

CRPF Public School

Primary Department –Teacher’s Day

A special morning assembly was held on 5th September on the occasion of Teacher's Day.There was dual celebration. First of all Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated by singing melodious songs by the choir group of class V. Some students accompanied the choir group on the instruments too. In the main assembly our Junior Head girl Vrinda Sharma and Junior Head boy Harsh Verma thanked the teachers on the occasion of teachers day. Their performance was impeccable and very impressive.
Akshara Nambiar of class V presented a poem in praise of her teachers. Bhavishya of class V-A and Disha Prajapati of class V-B spoke about teachers day and Dr. Radhakrishnan . A student of class III-B Meetanshu also presented a talk.


Dear Readers,
CRPF Public School, Rohini held a Career Counseling workshop for students of Class XI and XII on 3rd September,2016. Resource persons from the U.S. came to school and talked about various universities in America, Courses they offer, scholarships, options, how to apply etc. Mr.Yasir Ansari, Director, Simpl-Ed and his associates Mr.Adam Hoemen from Manchester University and Ms. Ashley Watson from Tennessee Technological University. Ms.Steffy Duggal and Ms.Aamir Khan also accompanied them.

The students were greatly benefited by this workshop and had a lot of queries regarding foreign universities. They patiently answered all the questions. Principal, Mrs.Nidhi Chaudhary, presented each with a memento.
Click here to view all the photos of the workshop.

CRPF Public School, Rohini