In compliance to Circular No. DE.23 (514) / Sch.Br. / 2019-20 / 601, Dated 20/08/2019 by Directorate of Education, the school has conducted various activities in order to mobilize the community at large regarding the importance of conserving water to meet the current and future human demand.
1.     Activity – Oath on ‘Water Conservation’
Date - 23 August, 2019
Number of participants – All the students of the School
During the special assembly on the occasion of Janamashtami, an oath was administered by Shalini Kumari of Class-7D and was taken by all the students and the teachers of the school to sensitise them to consume water judiciously and motivate their family, friends and neighbours. It was followed by a speech given by the school Principal, Mrs. Nidhi Chaudhary to use water wisely and not to waste it.

2.     Activity – Poster making competition
Date - 23 August, 2019
Number of participants – 175
Poster making competition was organized for the students on the topic –‘Conservation of Water’. The best posters were selected and were displayed on the bulletin boards at various places in the school.

3.     Activity – Rally
4.     Activity – Nukkad  Natak
Date - 26 August, 2019
Number of participants – 100
A Rally was organized by the students on the topic – ‘Conserve water’ under Jal Shakti Abhiyan. This was organized to create awareness in the nearby areas of the school. The Rally was flagged off by the school Principal, Mrs. Nidhi Chaudhary and the students were addressed by emphasizing on the responsibility of the citizens to conserve water by reducing wastage of water and use it effectively to tackle the problems faced due to scarcity of water. ‘Nukkad Natak’ was presented by the students in the rally to carry out mass awareness towards the alarming situation of water crisis in India and to understand the importance of conservation of water for the sustenance of life on Earth.

5.     Activity – Plantation drive
Date - 27 August, 2019
Number of participants – 150
Considering the manifold benefits of trees, including that they maintain the water cycle and regulate the climate of the Earth, students participated in tree plantation drive in the school. It was organized to sensitise the students about the importance of trees in making the Earth a sustainable and plentiful planet.

6.     Activity – Class Discussion
Date – 28 August, 2019
Number of participants – All the students of the School
Class Discussion was conducted by the class teachers in their respective classes about the importance of water as a natural resource, problems that may occur due to scarcity of water and various methods that can be adopted to conserve water.

Jal Shakti Abhiyan is a great initiative taken up by the Directorate of Education for the welfare of the society by carrying out community education activities. The students learnt lot many skills through these activities and participated with zeal in all the activities.

CRPF celebrates 81st Raising Day

CRPF celebrates its 81st Raising Day at India Gate on 27th   July 2019 at around 5:30 pm.
The Union Minister of State for Home affairs Shri Nityanand Rai presided over as the chief guest and paid tribute to the martyred soldiers. D.G CRPF Shri Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar and other senior CRPF, officers & personnel were also present on the occasion.
CRPF Public School, Rohini students along with Principal Mrs Nidhi Choudhary and a few other staff members joined this occasion presenting a march past and cycling along with R.A.F (Rapid Action Force) cycle expedition which had come from Ahmadabad to India Gate, Delhi. The student’s  in tri colored tee shirts spread  a message of saving the environment with placards conveying, conserve  water, save trees, spread peace & unity.
The function spread over more than an hour featured, Pipe Band, Band Display by CRPF and breath – taking motor – cycle demonstration by CRPF women bikers.

Tie and dye activity in Class 2( integration of EVS and Art)

Tie and dye activity was conducted on 25.7.2019 in Class 2.This activity was integrated with the chapter on 'clothes'.Children participated enthusiastically and learnt the technique in a joyful manner. It was amazing to see them using bright, saturated primary colours to create spiral and different types of beautiful patterns.

Whizzkids competition-ClassII

The science of today is technology of tomorrow.Keeping this in mind, the Whizz Kid competition was conducted on 12th July,2019 for class II in the Pre-Primary department where students got an opportunity to explore and engage in enquiry based learning. The students elucidated the judge,Ms.Veena Varma,Primary science teacher, about their working models like wind mill ,space rocket mission, electric circuit etc. It was 'hands on experience' for them which helped them to research, create and communicate. It was delightful to see students having the scientific bent of mind.Our little comperers from Class II,Hireena Jaggi (2A)and Virat Tanwar(2A) presented a great show by establishing links  efficiently.

The prize winners are as follows -

1st position  = Aryan Dahiya ll-A

2nd  position = Tejas Arora ll-A

3rd position = Rayan Ahmed ll-C

Whizz Kids Competition –Class I

To raise new questions and new possibilities, to view old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination which marks scientific advancement. To ignite such bent towards science, Whizz Kids Competition was conducted on 11th July,2019 for Class I in the Pre-primary department  where students got an opportunity to showcase their creativity and explore the world of science through various activities. Saumya of  class I-B welcomed the judge Ms.Veena Verma ,Primary Science Teacher. The students of class I presented their working models based on different concepts like hydropower, drip irrigation , air pressure in water dispenser, refraction of light in kaleidoscope, wind mill, balloon car etc.. It was a great experience for young scientists.
The prize winners of the competition are:
I position---   Parth  ( I-A)
II position --- Ashwik Gupta (I-B)
III position--- Tavishi Verma (I-C)
                      Aadya (I-C)