A special assembly of Class 9th A

On 9th December2019 , Class (9thA) had a special assembly . The topic of the assembly was taken from a chapter from their Hindi book ,"Devi Maina". All the students participated in it. All students worked with complete enthusiasm . They had news, thought of the day, a patriotic poem, a speech Many students showed their art in making the assembly board .They had a skit telling the story of a brave little girl "Devi Maina ".All the students worked hard for the assembly.
The assembly was praised by every one.

Class 8 C Assembly

On 10th December 2019 class 8c presented a class assembly on the topic ‘The Indian Constitution and its features’. Students highlighted  different features of Indian Constitution by holding self made charts and also decorated stage according to theme. A student recited  a poem to showcase the greatness of our Constitution titled as ‘भारत का संविधान’. A quiz on current affairs was also held to check the knowledge of students about the happening in the world going on .all the students participated enthusiastically and gained knowledge.  The day was not just special to present 8 C assembly but it was International Human Rights Day which has inspired our Indian Constitution . Human Rights Day is celebrated every year on 10th December. This day is celebrated internationally to honor 10th Dec 1948, when the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at Palais de Challoit, Paris after the experience of the Second World War.

Educational trip to The Indian Air Force Museum by Class KG

On 11-12-19,students of class KG went on educational trip to The Indian Air Force Museum.It is only one of its kind in India which has a good collection of Indian Military aviation. It gave a brief description of the history from the time of World War to the Kargil.
Children were filled with joy and excitement to know about the same. They were fascinated at the sight of fighter planes, missiles and tanks used during the war. They saw the first satellite launched by India and pictures of cosmonauts were also displayed.
The trip was a novel learning experience for the children, as they were introduced to airplanes and armoury connected with the rich history of the Indian Air Force. 

Dodge ball match of Class I and Kho Kho match of Class II

Dodge ball match of class I was held on 19.11.19. All the participants  of class I performed well. Boys team  of class I B got first position and Girls team of IC got first position.
Class I B Boys
1. Virat Bhardwaj
2. Gozeel Kabir
3. Vansh
4. Sahil kr singh
5. Rohan Choubey
6. Onish
7. Kartikey singh
8. shourya Jagouri
9. Ashvik Gupta
10. Mayank sharma
Class I C Girls
1. Harshaman
2. Amyara
3. Aradhya
4. Jyoti
5. Radhika
6. Anushka
7. Aashvi
8. Riddhi
9. Khushi
10. Anvi
Kho kho match of class II was held on 19.11.19. Participants  of class II performed well. Boys of class II B got first position and Girls of II C got first position.
Class II B boys:
1. Harshraj Tiwari
2. Divanshu Umraniya
3. Raghav Vashishtha
4. Chinmay Shah
5. Ojal Yadav
6. Yash Dahiya
7. Abeer Malik
8. Navdeep Yadav
9. Divyansh Rattan
10. Yash Kumar
11. Shridhar Singh
12. Akash Kr Ram
Class II C Girls:
1. Umang Sharma
2. Aashvi Rawat
3. Bhumi
4. Shubhra Kaushik
5. Kadambari P. Shine
6. Devak Khasa
7. Avishi Mittal
8. Sonali Mishra
9. Siddhi Sinha
10. Sharddha
11. Pratyusha Singh
12. Vridhi Kharab