Earth day, every day !!!

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Every year, April 22 is celebrated as EARTH DAY to bring about revolutionary awareness about the Earth's environment. It is held annually during both springs in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern hemisphere. U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson is considered to have initiated this celebration as an environmental teaches in 1970 and is celebrated in many countries every year.
There is an urgent need to understand the gravity of the situation and take care of our ailing planet. As advocated earlier, Edu-club would love to celebrate each day as earth day, and hence all the members of Edu-club have incorporated a habit of conserving energy by consciously looking to it that no switches are left switched on, if not in use, anywhere and everywhere. We don't care if it's our domain or not; what is of utmost importance is that our innocent planet should not suffer, or else we earthlings should be ready to face the repercussions.
We hope that the blog followers give a sincere thought to this impalpable but yet very much prevalent problem of this 21st century. We must understand that our development in the field of Science and Technology will lead us to nothingness if the depletion of our planet continues with this pace. At least try not to waste any energy on this very day and assume that every day is earth day and see the difference. We are there for our planet and we hope that we will have all of you with us...Let's join hands and save ourselves by saving our planet.

Want to know how can you help earth to recover?
We have some suggestions for you to start with:
1. Don't dare to tear a single paper to make airplanes or to rub off the Black Board.
2. Don't even think of sprinkling that very precious water on your friends.
3. Try to minimise the use of air conditioners.
4. Do switch off the lights in daylight.
5. Go out and play rather than fry in front of your television set or that play station - Be cheerful and believe us, we can really turn the tide if we want so...
And do leave Get Well Soon messages for our dear earth on the message board...

The Earth Day was celebrated on 21 April 2012 in our school.

Our little ones- the crusaders of mother earth celebrated ‘Earth Day’ with great enthusiasm. To begin with all the children from classes KG to II made and wore special badges to show their solidarity in making our planet a better place to live in. A special assembly was held wherein children of class II exhibited their love for the nature and concern for the wide scale devastation occurring on our planet through a song, a skit and a dance. Everyone was spellbound by their scintillating performance. On the ‘Tree of promises’ wherein children had written their promises, Principal Sir wrote his promise. He wrote “I will ensure that all my school children love mother earth.”In his address he asked children to begin this initiative by keeping their classroom clean and also by not defacing walls of the school.

Check out the photographs of the same by clicking here (Pre-Primary Department) and here.

CRPF Public School

Resolution for the Session 2012-13

The session 2011-12 came to a successful end with a lot of achievements, accolades and great opportunities for learning and reforming and transforming ourselves. Over and above it was an academic session of great transformation in many domains particularly in our attitude which always acts as trigger for any change.
The academic session 2012-13 has many good things in store for us. We are going to work with more dedication, commitment, zeal and enthusiasm. We are going to be more focused on our goal and resolve unflinchingly and unwaveringly to translate our dreams into reality. It will be possible only when we make a proper schedule and utilize every second at our disposal. We have to make sure that we are in proper uniform, with well polished shoes, handkerchief in pocket and have in our possession our lunch box, water bottle and the school diary unfailingly.
As we have quite often discussed that education is not training for livelihood or even for life, it’s rather life itself. So let us learn to live every moment of our student life with passion. If we keep the fire element always ablaze in us, no opportunity may wriggle out of our hand.  
Our school life is the most essential part of our childhood and if we truly understand the seriousness of these formative periods of our life, our entire persona may have a facelift. There is no denying the fact that the best opportunities for progress and flourishment knock our door during our school life. Many attend them and grab hold of the opportunity but some, out of sheer laziness, lethargy or lack of will power fail to let the auto ignition button, inbuilt in us, press itself as a result of which throughout our life we have to expiate and atone for.  
It is not necessary for everyone to reach the pinnacle or zenith of academic brilliance but it is quite imperative for everyone to call his/her best shot. In other words there is no one on this earth who has not been endowed with one or the other specialty by God. What we have to do is just to detect that domain of specialty and polish the same to perfection. Once we have detected our special ability, we have not to stop or rest on our laurels. We have to go on and on in life till God’s intervention and closure of the final chapter of our life.
H. R. Sharma

Various events held in Pre-Primary Department

The topic measurement was introduced to the children initially with non standard units like cubits, hand span, bowl, spoon and glass.  Inches tape was used by children to measure the length of their tables and benches.  Balance and weights were used to measure vegetables this activity was done in hostel mess.  Children enjoyed this activity because they did this activity by themselves and noted down the weight of vegetables they were weighing.  We had measuring of capacity activity in our assembly ground using measuring cylinders and a tub filled with water.  Each and every child participated in this activity.
Interaction with the gardener: To develop awareness regarding environment and plants, an interactive programme was organized for class II Children to develop more understanding regarding taking care of plants.
Azad Hind Gram: An excursion for classes I and II in the month of November was organized to give them firsthand experience of village life style.  The clean and healthy environment helped them to understand the need of pollution free surroundings.
Basant Panchmi: Occasion of Basant Panchmi was celebrated to mark the importance of Saraswati Puja through invocation given by our pre-primary choir group.
Special Assemblies: To enhance their personality and vocal skills a special platform through morning assembly is provided to the children.  These assemblies are integrated with value education, life skills and class room teaching thereby making learning ‘FUN’
Life Skills: For Classes I and II a project on non fire cooking and use of fork and knife was taken up to inculcate etiquettes and table manners.  This activity was done to help the children in living self independent.
Cleanliness Week: The week was held from 24 September to 29 September. Various activities were taken up to help children how to keep their bodies and surroundings clean .Children made thank you cards for the school helpers who keep the school clean. In this week children were judged on the following parameters:
Comes in proper school uniform, Keeps his surroundings clean, Trims his nails,Brushes his teeth daily,Combs hair properly,Brings neat and clean handkerchief daily

Miss Clean

Class & Section

Chavi Sharma

Prerna Valecha

Mr. Clean

Class & Section


Gaurav Drall

Ryan Khatri

Children who fulfilled these parameters were rewarded the titles of Mr. Clean and Miss Clean by the honorable principal, Sh. H.R. Sharma.
On 29 September a special assembly was held to mark the closing ceremony of cleanliness week. A skit was showcased by kindergarten children through whom they conveyed the message to keep our surroundings clean. Some rhymes on cleanliness were also recited by the small children.


  It was a moment of pride,
To see our Kindergarteners  graduating and scaling heights.
Watching them taking strides, our emotions we could not hide.
Congratulations to all our dear Kindergarteners!
Enthralling us all by their scintillating performance, our little ones celebrated their ‘Graduation Day’ on 15th March’2012. The programme started with the welcome speech of the School Principal, Sh. H. R. Sharma wherein he applauded children’s achievements and also emphasized upon the need of good parenting especially in the changing scenario. It was followed by cultural programme. Whether it was in choir, skit or dance, each and every child participated and left us spellbound   by their dazzling performance. As part of Graduation ceremony, Principal Sir Memento and a book to each and every child of KG class. It was an emotional moment for parents and teachers and brought tears in the eyes of many parents.  The programme culminated with a speech by Pre- Primary In charge, Ms. Hema Batra highlighting the accomplishments of the little ones. The Vice- Principal of the School, Mrs. Uma Mudgal gave vote of thanks. She congratulated all the kindergarteners and thanked the School Principal for his guidance and support in organizing a great show.
An Orientation programme was organized in the school on 30th March, 2012 for young and enthusiastic parents of KG class. The School Principal, Sh. H. R. Sharma welcomed the guest and the Parents of KG class. He shared his views on Parenting and School’s philosophy with the audience.  Dr. Jitender Nagpal , an eminent psychiatrist was the Guest speaker. He gave lot of valuable recommendations and suggestions on parenting. It was a thoroughly interactive and an enriching session both for teachers as well as parents. Lot many parents shared their own experiences with Dr. Jitender Nagpal . The session was appreciated by one and all.
Click here to view the Photographs of various events.
CRPF School

Important information for XII Class Science Students

Dear All,
It is to inform all science stream students of class XII; appearing for board exams that the school has received a letter from AIIMS regarding two courses that can be pursued after class XII. The copy of the same is attached for your reference.   
Click here to download the circular.

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