NPSC meet - held in CRPF School on 30 July 2014

SHRAM HOUSE - Special Assembly held on 25 July 2014

Selection of Head Boy and Head Girl for 2014-15 Session - Final Round

Head Boy - Saksham Gupta

Deputy headboy - Abhijeet Singh

Head Girl - Bhavika Aneja
Deputy headgirl - Karamdeep Kaur

Fire Safety Mock Drill

Dear Reader,
         Recently fire safety mock drill was celebrated across the country. In the morning itself the students were briefed about the various steps to be kept in mind while the mock is on. A human controlled fire was created in the school premises itself around 11:00 am and the resulting fire alarm broke off, and all the students were instructed to evacuate the building as soon as possible. 

Different classes were allotted with different routes to exit and assemble in the school ground. Basic aim of this mock drill was to create awareness amongst students and staff in case a natural calamity or a fire breaks off and all were instructed not to panic during these critical situations. Different teams of teachers were formed and allotted the task to make sure that all students escape the building safely, and causalities (if any) are properly looked after. Finally all the students and teachers reached the ground safely, and were introduced to different equipments used to extinguish fire. The people from fire department made us aware of the things to be kept in mind while dealing with these equipment's and also gave us a demo. All in all, it was a step forward to deal with such hazards and avoid turning them into potential disasters!

CRPF Public School, Rohini

IMO and NSO 2nd Round Merit Certificate holders

International Mathematics Olympiad - 2nd round winners

National Science Olympiad - 2nd Round winners


Dear All,
A teacher or a guru is the one who shows the right path and enlightens her students. CRPF public school was facilitated by one such teacher, MS. SHRESTHA who joined the school seven years back and graced the Pre-Primary department by her presence.

Her amiable personality, friendly disposition and caring nature won many a hearts. Her lively and vibrant way of teaching made classroom learning easy and very interesting. She will always remain an asset not only to the Pre-Primary department but to the entire institution. She has created a void and will therefore be missed by one and all. We wish her all the best for her future and hope she achieves her goals.
All the best …. Adieu!!

CRPF Public School, Rohini

Teachers' receiving Appreciation Certificates

Teacher's Orientation Programs held in the School