Merry Christmas

Dear all

We wish you a Merry Christmas !!! Hope this Christmas brings immense happiness and prosperity to your lives.
Well, Uncle Santa is on his way !!! Trust us ! He's on his way... And you can send your 'Wish list' to Him. Yes, we are serious ! All you need to do is, drop in your requests and special demands in the message box and that's it. You may ask for marks or gifts or anything... think BIG and rightfully demand Him. Uncle Santa will surely try to oblige each one of you this Christmas!
Or even better idea... Till the real Santa arrives, you may be someone's Santa too... No, you may do it without that long, white beard too ! Just make sure that you love all and you let them know that they are loved... As simple as that... But watch out, the real Santa is really on his way !!!
Oh... we are so excited to meet Uncle Santa that we forgot to share about the facts... Christmas is celebrated worldwide as the birthday of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on December 25 every year. Although traditionally a Christian holiday, Christmas is also widely celebrated by many non-Christians around the globe. And its celebrations are wide ranging.
Just in case you think we are kidding, we would want to tell you that we are not! Do not forget to send Uncle Santa your long 'Wish list' (Post it in the message board of the blog!) ... Who knows you are lucky enough to meet Him...

Christmas Celebration in School

On 24th December, 2012 celebrated Christmas with great excitement and enthusiasm.  The festivities included grand Christmas decorations of assembly area by students and teachers.

Students decorated Christmas trees with stockings, stars, colourful joysticks and bells. Students of class III and IV presented informative talks on Christmas and threw light on the life and works of Jesus Christ. Class V students wore colourful Santa caps and presented an array of melodic Christmas carols and mesmerized the audience. Children celebrated this festival with fun and frolic and gave the message of love, peace and harmony.

Wishing you Merry Christmas yet again and a very happy new year too...
Enjoy yourselves and make it a point to bring smile to the face of those about whom you care.
CRPF Public School

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