We Can't Thank You Enough !

Dear blog readers

It's 5 October today and it's celebrated as the World's Teachers' Day since the last 15 years.And hence, let's wish our teachers a Very Happy Teachers' Day yet again (traditionally we only wish them so on 5 September!).

Aided by the efforts of Education International to appreciate the efforts of teachers and express gratitude towards them, On 5th October 1994, UNESCO inaugurated World Teacher's Day.Every year, Education International launches a public awareness campaign to highlight the contributions of the teaching profession.

On a more thankful note, I take this opportunity on the behalf of all the students to THANK our dearest teachers, for the innumerable ways through which they guide us and make our life truly meaningful. Without you, we could not have been the way we are today ( I could not have put up my feelings in words, otherwise!). We could not have made it this far... A heartfelt thanks for everything. We need you...

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