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Hindi Story Telling Competition for classes III, IV & V was orgainsed on 27th , 28th and 31st of August  2015. Students narrated moral value based stories using props. The result of the competition is:
Class III:
Ist                       Abhinav                     III-C
II nd                   Priyanshu                  III-B
IIIrd                       Maitreyi                     III-A
                           Aashna                      III-C
Consolation     Mathew                      III-A
                          Hridey                        III-C
Class IV:
Ist                       Sameera                     IV-A
                             Vrinda                        IV-A
II nd                    Deepanshu                 IV-C
IIIrd                    Sarthak                      IV-B    
Consolation       Bhavishya                 IV-A
                                 Panshul                       IV-C
Class V :
Ist                       Ananya                       V-B   
II nd                  Karman                      V-A
IIIrd                   Ananya                       V-C
                            Bhavika                      V-D              
Consolation     Srishti                         V-A
                             Mukul                        V-B

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