Dear All

To beat the monotony of the daily routine Primary Department organized ‘ Fun Extravaganza’ having educational objective for students of class IV & V on 7 December 2012 ( Friday) from 7.45 a.m. till 4.30 p.m.

The day commenced with learning ‘self- defense techniques’ followed by displaying their dancing skill which mesmerized all and one present there.

Craft Workshop’ was also organized where students had the joy of making lanterns on their own and showing their creativity decorating those lanterns in their own unique way. Children felt like dancing with the wind while making formations in their Skating class.

‘Orchestra and Group Song Competition’ (for class V) was an additional feature which took them to a new high. Students of class V participated enthusiastically in 3-D model making where they used different 3-D shapes to create an innovative model of their choice.

It was satisfying for the creative minds of Class IV to participate in ‘Block Printing Workshop’ and designing worth watching patterns. They even made constructive items out of waste.

Children relished the nutritious meal at the hostel mess while they got to know the importance of balanced diet and realized the joy of sharing with friends.

Movie in the school’s LCD Room was complete fun. Not to forget the superb
Theatre Class’ which gave vent to their feelings, suppressed emotions and creative thoughts.

This special day made them feel rejuvenated and left an everlasting impression on their young, innocent minds.

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