Dear All

A teacher or a guru is the one who shows the right path and enlightens her students. CRPF public school was facilitated by one such teacher, MS. SHWETA ARORA who joined the school in the year 2001 and graced the faculty of English by her presence. But to pursue her higher education, she has resigned from the school. 
Her amiable personality, friendly disposition and caring nature won many a hearts. Her lively and vibrant way of teaching made classroom learning easy and very interesting. She will always remain an asset not only to the English department but to the entire institution. She has created a void and will therefore be missed by one and all. We wish her all the best for her future and hope she achieves her goals.
All the best …. Adieu!!

Here are few lines dedicated to you ma’am-

For some, you may be the candle
But for me, you are the light
That showed me how to handle
Even the daunting without fright

For some, your eyes may be warm
But for me, they are bright
They showed me the right platform
Leading me to a greater height

For some, you may be a teacher
But for me, you are an angel
And angel whom I’ll never forget
But for now, it is ‘farewell’.
(Poem contributed by Sasha Agarwal of XII D)

CRPF Public School

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