Dear Children,

I know how eagerly each one of you is waiting for the first day of the summer vacation to dawn so that you may be able to get over the monotony that has probably set in your life owing to uninterrupted hours of slogging for academic enhancement.

There is no doubt that this summer vacation is like an elixir for a student who keeps waiting for the commencement of summer vacation during which he/she can chill himself or herself to the utmost extent of satiation. One thing which however has not to be side tracked is the focus on your goal i.e. to listen to the most thrilling rhythm of your heart which wants you to do something which is your forte or USP (Unique Selling Point) and which if you can truly answer, the world is yours and you can be its de facto (actual) ruler.

We have quite often heard about brain-drain i.e. flow of talent from a developing country to a developed country but what we have not heard quite often is internal brain-drain which refers to flow of talent from an area of specialty to an area of mediocrity just because of peer pressure or parental force or sometimes even social pressures being exerted on you. Don’t forget one thing that in order to answer the call of internal rhythm you have to cross many hurdles and over come many barriers. There are umpteen number of examples which history is replete with where in order to reach their goal people have had to exhibit a great degree of grit and guts and a never say die spirit. To become 24 carrot gold, it has to pass through extreme heat but then it becomes so valuable that even if it is lying on a heap of garbage it has the same unfailing glint and unmistakable glow.

Education is not all about gorging facts and disgorging them on paper without even an iota of change in its presentation. It is formation not information which you need to emphasize on. Formation of mind i.e. cognitive ability not ability of retention of information that is an essential ingredient of success in the long run of life. It is not the marks which guarantee your success but your skill to handle a situation which calls for a great degree of common sense, alacrity of mind and clarity of vision. Enjoy every moment of your life and relish the delectable flavour of the journey and not its destination because success lies not in the end of the journey rather in the journey itself. Hope you will be back in school in the first week of July as rejuvenated and recharged human beings.

Holidays Homework this time round, has been planned with lot of care and caution so that it may not turn out to be monotonous and boring. Lot of thought process has taken place to make it very innovative and creative. Click the following links to download the homework and have happy learning!

H.R. Sharma
CRPF School Rohini

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