Book Week- Pre-Primary Department

 Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.
                                                                                   - Richard Steele

Children of Class II celebrated ‘Book Week’ from 16.4.12 to 1.5.12. They read story books, made beautiful book marks and made their own story books. Writing their own stories, illustrating them and making cover page for their story books was a unique and an exciting experience for them. On 1.5.12   they had Character portrayal competition’ where in children came dressed up as their favourite character of the story they had read and spoke dialogues. The little ones gave applaudable performance.

Children who were adjudged best performers of Character portrayal competition’

Karman Singh- II A
Srishti Bisht- IIA
Ninad Singh- II B
Devesh Sharma II B
Ribhvan Kathuria II B
Nidhi Goswami II B
Aayushi Kapoor II B
Anvi Khatri  II B
Ananya Bansal II C
Vanshika Verma II C
Shubham II C

CRPF Public School

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