My Message on the occasion of Dussehra

Dear Students,

Wish you all very happy Dussehra holidays.  These holidays are there to give you a break after a long spell of arduous efforts, monotony of class- room learning with full engagement and complete absorption in your meticulous preparation for tests and exams.

One thing which, however, has not to be allowed to sink into oblivion is your focus on your goal i.e., to make yourself a wonderful human being imbued with all social, moral, ethical and spiritual values which are going to be the core of your entire personality and which will determine how smartly you are going to fare in life.

One of the core values which is given special consideration by all and sundry is respect for elders irrespective of their social status or kind of contribution they make in our life.  In this regard, I would like to urge you on to extend respect and regards not only to the teachers but also to all the members associated with the school viz., office staff,  peons, attendants and cleanliness staff, because they all contribute in their own way to the progress of the school. This way only you can honour the dignity of labour.

Furthermore, you should also take care of the words that you speak.  Make sure that no word uttered by you hurts the feeling of someone or becomes the cause of somebody’s sorrow. The actual happiness that we experience is the one that comes by bringing a smile on the parched and dry lips of someone who has been hungry and thirsty for a kind word or a look filled with great love and affection. You may not be able to measure the ecstasy that a person,  starved of love and kindness, may feel but it will be a real reward for you.

With love and affection,
( H R Sharma )

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