Dear all

In an endeavor to bring about the much-needed change in the education policy in India, CBSE has introduced CCE i.e. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation in schools for classes IX and X. This new evaluation system aims at identifying and promoting the hidden talents in the children and hence shifts the focus from 'just' academics to the overall development of a child. Magnificent efforts are required to be put in while bringing about a change. And in our school too, teachers are taking great pains to leave no stones unturned while contributing for a hopefully, successful run of CCE.

In a bid to create general and specific awareness for the same among students, a workshop was conducted in our school on 24th July 2010 Saturday , where our Vice Principal Mrs Anjali Malik and our Math teacher Mr. Amit Bajaj discussed about CCE. What are its implications ? Can we develop faith in this new change ?  Parents were made  aware about its various aspects and changes in the present educational system and  what is their  role is in helping their ward . Hoping everything goes well , school will organize many such workshops to build confidence of everybody  in the new changes.


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