Happy Children's Day !

Dear all

Happy Children's Day to all! Yes, to all! Why? Don't we all long to be a child? Don't we all crave for our childhood again? Well, there's no point in being a grown up if you can't be childish sometimes! So, Be a child today! We know its a refreshing thought ... the thought of your sweet childhood!

Celebrated on 14 November i.e. on the birthday of Chacha Nehru who loved and was loved by children, this day is simply set to honor children and minors. The day is marked with a lot of activities for children. But the fact remains that only a section of the country’s children actually have an opportunity to celebrate their existence. There is an entire populace of young ones that are left ignored on this special day – the downtrodden street children. This day reminds to each and every one of us, to renew our commitment to the welfare of children and teach them to live by their Chacha Nehru’s quality and dream. What can you do about it? Childhood is about innocence and playfulness .It is about joy and freedom . May be on this day you might sign up to sponsor education of a underprivileged child in an NGO such as PRAYAS orCRY

In our school too, students of classes VI, VII and VIII have had loads of fun on the fields! The school had organized Sports Day for these young and never-tiring souls on 10, 11 and 12 November 2009. And what better a gift than this to these amiable children on the occasion of Children's Day. It was almost a festival in the school's playground! One could find them running, playing, enjoying and learning with each passing moment. A splendid sight to witness! Many won in their respective events while many just missed it. But then these very battles prepare one to win the war ! And that's what school's education is all about. Napolean put it correct when he said 'Victory belongs to the most persevering.' Those who could not make it to the top spot will definitely win some other day, if they keep putting in their best efforts.

Do watch IBN7 today at 7:00 pm to know experiences and views of our prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Once again... Wishing you all a very Happy Children's Day.

CRPF Public School

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