Let The Prefectorial Board Serve You!

Dear all

Our school is all set to celebrate its Annual Day, 2009 on Thursday i.e. 15 October. With immense hope and conviction in their eyes, children are raring to go. Everybody has contributed with all his/her might to leave no stones unturned for the success of the event. From the kid dancing in the back row to the event in-charge, from the students working backstage to everybody who's enjoying the limelight, there's not a single person from the CRPF family who's not awaiting the arrival of this day. And hence, everyone wants that the function goes on flawless...wants to make sure that absolutely nothing goes wrong...

So, here we are, informing you about the students of the Prefectorial Board who are all there to help you. In any case, these students have the right and responsibility to respond to your problems. Do not hesitate in contacting them during the course of the function and otherwise. Following are their names:

Head Boy: Shitiz Dhody
Head Girl: Gunjan Jain

Shraddha House:
Sukriti Kohli (Captain)
Ankita Sondhi (Vice-Captain)

Shakti House:
Kasturi Palladhi (Captain)
Bhuvan (Vice-Captain)

Shram House:
Navtha V. Ramdas (Captain)
Deepti Gupta (Vice-Captain)

Shaurya House:
Kanika Chawla (Captain)
Mishtu Sharma (Vice-Captain)

Principal's Advisory:
Aamir Ali
Parul Dhingra

Students on-duty (other than the prefectorial board) will also be present for your convenience. They will be happy to help you out.

Keeping our fingers crossed...

CRPF Public School

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