10 ways on How to Be The Change and Make A Difference

1. Be aware and vigilant: The first way by which you can be the change is by being aware of your surroundings. You must always know what is happening in your society, locality, or even your neighborhood. This does not mean that you enter some one's personal domain. You must know what are the local issues?, what are the problems your area faces?, what kind of crimes are being committed?, what is the local police doing? and even issues like, does your neighbor beat his wife (Domestic Violence)? And most importantly, be aware of what those related to you feel.
Be aware of the various things going on in your city, develop a perspective and voice yourself.

2. Look at things from a positive perspective and be hopeful: One must always develop optimism and preach positivity in life, as, in optimism, is the key to success. Being disheartened by the way the local authorities or even the national ones work will be of no help. It is the positive attitude which led India to its biggest victory in 1947. Need I say more?

3. Be Logical and Practical, not Emotional: Looking at things from an emotional view might help in a million cases, but there are a billion cases which need to be dealt with logic and practicality. For instance, when 26/11 occured, the youth, out of outrage, demanded an attack on Pakistan. This was a demand out of emotions but was no where logical. Pakistan, being a nuclear state could have done equal, if not more, damage to us. And, the decision would not have been in national interest. So, being logical and thinking out of the box (unlike a mob) is essential for your development.

4. Do Not discriminate: Discrimination is still prevalent in India. The need of the hour is to shun discrimination for a better nation and this is possible only when we improve at a personal level. When we look at minorities as equal, when we consider the gender differences to be none, when we look at the poor as human, when we treat them like one, when we forget that the word 'caste' exists, when we love all religions, only then can we hope to cast an impact on others. Always remember that no person is more or less.

5. Be equal, feel equal, do equal: This one is more or less similar to the one above. Do not let personal gains or favours take over the feeling of public good. We are all the same and deserve as much as you do.

6. Be firm about your beliefs and principles: Do not let the other person's thoughts influence yours. If you believe in a concept then be firm about it. This can be said in the case of voting, do not let anyone elses pressure hamper your vote. Other instances can be quoted, like, do not indulge into acts of smoking, alcohol, substance abuse, eve teasing, just because your peers do it. Be different. Only then can you make a difference.

7. Self development and improvement is the key: Rather than indulging in acts which lead to no good, indulge in activities of self development. It is rightly said that 'an empty mind is a devil's workshop'. Do not let your mind enter the dark side. Your actions must be positive. Learn from your experiences and enjoy what you do.

8. Spread the word and persuade others: Let others know of their rights, spread the word among your peers and relatives, make them aware of their surroundings, help them to think practically, make them aware on how they can make a change, rather, WHY should they make a change? The country needs us as a group working together. Let them know these facts.

9. Feel free to approach the authorities: We often stay silent when we see an accident or a theft. But why? We must dial 100 or any other local helpline and inform the local authorities. There is no harm in calling the police and according to a Supreme Court law, the police cannot hold the caller responsible for anything and cannot interrogate him/her forcefully until and unless the call is hoax. This also implies in the case of broken-down roads, bad traffic, water facilities, sanitation, housing and many others. Do not feel awkward in making the local MP or the municipality accountable.

10. Do your bit, be vocal: The best and the most powerful right bestowed upon us by the makers of the law is the right to speech. Make use of it and voice yourself. Let your voice be heard. Be vocal when addressing your problem. But this certainly does not mean giving hate speeches. If you have a problem, an issue of concern, an issue close to your heart and you want the world to know about it, then why keep quiet? Let your voice be heard. Join forums, communities, contact the MP's and leaders (who now have websites and blogs) and comment. Comment on articles, videos, newspapers, channels, and let them know what you feel. Make a difference, take charge.

By following the above listed 10 points, you will certainly be on your way to making a difference. Not only will you be a hope for others, you will also be self motivated.

So, as I always say, Voice Yourself.Not only Think the Change,its time to Be the Change!

Prabhat (E-member)

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