We Did It, finally!

Hello there

Phew!!! It was an exhausting task...We really had to go that extra mile to achieve such fruitful results.What are we talking about ??? Forgot ??? All the Shradhians wanted us to upload the photographs of Shradha House Function on the blog ... Well, we are a little disappointed that none of you actually came forward to help us getting the photographs. Sorry (in case such a remark offends you)! We would have loved it if you could have joined hands with us and helped us through. Anyways, we have managed to get them all, only for you ! Click here to see the album! We hope that you will have a nice time pondering on these much-awaited photographs. Just one humble request...The next time we need you, be more generous in extending your helping hands towards us... As you know, we are here to make connections ! And that's what E-club is all about ...Thanks for understanding us ...

CRPF Public School

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