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We all know that our country is finally done with its 15Th Lok Sabha Elections. But do you know that some of your fellow students already knew who’s going to make it to the top…Actually; we are talking about the school team comprising Ashvini Pandey, Sahil Gupta, Gargi Malhotra and Arti Uniyal; who conducted a survey regarding elections through a questionnaire. Click here to check out their questionnaire.

And yes, there are not-so-general things that are worth pondering upon about these General Elections. For instance:

1. For the first time ever, a new Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) took over the office while during the period when Election process was going on i.e. N Gopalaswami’s tenure was over on 20Th April 2009 and new CEC Chawla assumed the office on 21st April 2009.

2. There has been overall of 57% polling all over India while in the 1st General Elections (1951)the total voter’s turn out was 45.0 and the largest has been in 1984 i.e. 63.5%.

To read more such trivia about elections, click here.

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