There are no shortcuts to success. If we follow it step by step we’ll definitely emerge with collars up.

# Evaluate your potentials:- Sometimes we aim too high, set demands on ourselves which we know we are not capable of fulfilling It is better if we can, instead realize our potentials as well as shortcomings and base our goals accordingly.

# Define your plan of action:- Chalk out the procedure that you will follow to reach your goal. Think about all alternatives you have and choose the best one. Solicit the help you require.

# Keep your thinking positive:- Do not let small failures upset you, even if things do not go according to your wishes. Be optimistic, think positively, pray positively and believe positively. In bad times remember whatever God does is always for the best.

# Motivate yourself:- Don't compare yourself with others who are far ahead of you. It will only depress you and lower your sense of self esteem. Instead draw out inspiration from such people.

# Concentrate on your goal:- sharpen your concentration power. Don't give into momentary distractions. Build your self-control slowly.

# Visualize mentally:- Rehearse in your mind whatever steps you have to take before you actually achieve victory. Imagine all the possibilities before they actually happen. this will help you to be better prepared for the event.

# Praise yourself:- Talk to yourself about your capabilities. Remember your past successes and tell yourself that you can do it .It will give you the inner strength to go through deals.

# The golden rule to be remembered is that there are no shortcuts to success. It is a slow process which involves a lot of encouragement, patience, determination, hard work and support. The true happiness, the real fun is in the process of making success rather than having made it.

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