'Versatile Earth 'Class assembly of class IIB

Class assembly was presented by class IIB on the theme'Versatile Earth' on 25.4.19.The assembly commenced with seeking  blessings of almighty through a prayer .Afterwards, Nitya Srivastava presented 'Ganesh Stuti 'in form of classical dance with  compering by Ananya Mathur.The thought of the day was presented by Lavishka on the theme 'save earth'.The news headlines were presented by Divanshu Urmaniya.All the children participated in the skit.The skit was based on the landforms and water bodies of earth. It  highlighted the consequences of making river and earth dirty.The students passed a social message through skit and a poem that if we do not take care of our natural resources then we will have to face the consequences.The assembly concluded with quiz  conducted by Divanshu Umraniya,Yash Dahiya and Arya Singh.It concluded with a pledge for taking care of our Mother Earth administered by Nitya Srivastava.

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