"Family, the irreplaceable": Special assembly of class II-C

Class assembly was presented by the students of II-C on the theme,'Family, the irreplaceable on 6.5.2019.
The assembly commenced by seeking the blessings of almighty through a heart touching prayer. The compering was done by Abik Dabas, Aarnav Gupta and Vironica. The thought of the day on the theme family was presented by YugPathak,followed by the news headlines by Parikshit.
Every student participated in the skit thereby making it a successful one.The children looked scintillating in their sparkling headbands with different synonyms written for the word family on them .The skit was based on the importance of family in our lives. It highlighted the strength and inspiration which our family provides us to reach great heights and a cocoon where we forget all her worries and tiredness. They also highlighted how fortunate we are to have a family that loves us and cares for us.The students passed the message through the skit and poem that we should all love and respect our family. The assembly concluded with a quiz conducted by Ayush Yadav and Shubhra.

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