Maths Competition (Primary Department)

Maths is not only about numbers and four operations. It is much more than that and is used in every sphere of life. To make students aware of this and to expand their creative thinking in relation to maths, Maths Notebook Decoration Competition was held on 29th April 2019 for classes III - V. They worked on different themes:
Class III - Maths in Everyday Life
Class IV - Maths in Sports
Class V - Maths in Nature
More than 100 students participated and showed their creativity and presentation skills. Following was the result :
Class III- I - Cheryl (3B), II- Drishti (3C) , III- Shamiksha (3A)
Class IV- I- Reyansh (4B), II- Ayush (4C), III- Kanak (4C) & Sourabh (4A)

Class V - I- Ravit (5B) , II- Parth (5D), III- Radhika (5D)

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