CRPF Public School, Rohini held a fire mock drill on 29TH Nov, 2018. The committee of teacher which takes care of the fire safety in school immediately got the building evacuated as soon as the fire alarm went off. The students took the nearest stair case available and the teachers quickly guided them. There are 05 exit points in school. The building was evacuated within 2 to 3 minutes. The fire committee members took a quick round checking of class rooms, toilets, library, labs etc for any student or causality and then reported to the Principal. The Medical case team also came into action immediately. The school had the ambulance ready. The students gathered out in the ground near the open stage. The Principal also told the students what they should do in case of any emergency for eg roll on ground, keep a wet cloth on face if there is lot of smoke and not inhale it much, open windows etc. The whole fire mock drill exercise was quite educative and full of awareness for all.

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