Celebration of ‘Happiness Week’ in Pre Primary

Happiness Week’ was celebrated from  9.7.2018 to 13.7.2018 .Various activities were carried out as part of the celebrations.Students  made smiley  badges..  Various rhymes and songs like ‘when you are happy and you know it,clap-----‘ were taught to Pre Primary.Students also danced to the tunes of happiness songs .They tapped their feet on ‘Happy feet’ song performing Zumba. Happiness quotes were displayed in different corners to spread message of ‘ Be happy and make others happy’.

Following reflective exercises were taken up-

Close your eyes and think of happiness, what  do you see?

Whom do you owe your gratitude that makes you happy?

How can you make others happy?

Do you feel happy when you see others happy/make others happy?

Teachers were awestruck by the replies of the young minds .Puppet show and magic show were organized .Students were spellbound by the performance of the magician and puppeteers. The week culminated with a feeling that  ‘spreading happiness ,makes us happy too’.

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