Summer Camp from 13th May, 2016 to 26th May, 2016

Dear Reader,
The golden beams of the radiant sun, flowers of myriad hues dancing to the warm breeze captivate the eyes and hearts of the beholder as they announce the arrival of the summer season.
But is that all? Do they not signify the commencement of the much awaited summer vacation and the summer camp?
The air was filled with laughter, celebration and joy of young children as the days of bookish theories and calculations came to an end and the time of fun, experiments and learning drew closer.
C.R.P.F Public School, Rohini engaged budding minds of classes 4th to 8th in an entertainment filled education summer camp from 13th May, 2016 to 26th May, 2016.
Each child is one of a kind. Each talent is unique. Like colourful flowers, distinctive in their shade and fragrance, children were groomed of their individual personalities, speech and decision making skills through Personality Development classes.
The artist in them was brought alive as they fought like a valiant king on the battlefield the first day and sold chocolates the other day in their theatre classes. The children were given the experience of living the lives of people from different walks of life and were taught how to master the art of bringing emotions on stage.
Talented young dancers tapped their feet and clapped their hands in rhythmic beat as music and dance blended in the spectacular choreography of western and classical dances while the young chefs tantalized the taste buds with refreshing dessert and savoury dishes under the guidance of their mentors.
Special thanks and gratitude to NIE and their extraordinary team members who provoked awe and wonder amongst the audience of both teachers and children through their performance of magic tricks, showcased skill and innovation in pottery making lessons, and brought the upcoming generation closer to the scientific, tech savvy and modern world though imparting the techniques of robotics to curious young learners.
The real fun begins when the much familiar mathematical calculations, literature and art are no longer boring but irresistibly a treat to the eyes and the minds. Children were engaged in brain storming sessions where numbers that were scary and calculations that took lifetime were replaced with instant solutions which were no magic but pure logic through the tricks of Vedic Maths.
Words and colours were unable to contain the talent and creativity of the young minds as they weaved gripping stories using the former and painted vivid images infusing techniques of Madhubhani and Tile Painting with the latter.
It was the 26th of May, a warm Thursday, when the talents of young and enthusiastic chefs, dancers and artists where staged through a rewarding display of meticulous performances and exhibition of artistic works which were emblematic of both the teacher’s and the learner’s hardwork.
At the end, these ever cherishable moments of rich experience, fun and learning wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance of the school principal Mrs. Nidhi Chaudhary who provided a platform to synergise education and fun for young learners through innovative and individual interest catering approach of the summer camp , Mrs. Seema Jain , the coordinator of the Summer Camp and the dedication of all the other teachers who devoted their precious time and energy for the shaping of little minds.
CRPF Public School, Rohini

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