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The amazing experience of a journey of self, through self, to self was witnessed as International Yoga Day on 21st June, 2016 in the sprawling ground of CRPF Public School, Sec- XIV, Rohini, Delhi. The event was organized between 7.00 am to 8.00 am and a divine aura of tranquility was experienced. Yoga means addition- addition of energy, strength and beauty to body mind and soul. Around 100 NCC Cadets along with the faculty members performed Yoga amidst the serene atmosphere created by  ‘ Om Chanting’ . Different yoga postures Vrikshaasna , Uttaanaasana, Trikonaasana, Bhadraasana, Bhujangaasana finally ended with Pranayam and Meditation .

These aasnaas were so closely related to the nature that they connected every heart and mind to the power of nature and to the intangible culture of India. Students come across an experience encompassing unmatched ways to manage stress through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement. Well coordinated the event displayed beautifully articulated flexibility, strength and coordination.

Heartfelt thanks to our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi , to CBSE and to our respected Principal Madam , Mrs. Nidhi Chaudhary for providing us this beatific and nourishing experience, also  for making this healthy regime a part of our syllabus.


CRPF Public School, Rohini

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